3 Benefits of Having a Biometric Door Lock


If you’re like most homeowners, you own a traditional key lock to gain entry to your home. However, if you’re up on technology or are looking for a better way to access your home and improve security, a biometric door lock is your answer. Let’s take a peek at the 3 benefits of having a biometric door lock.

    • Easy entry:

      Have you ever lost the key to your home and had to jimmy a window, break out glass, or call a locksmith while you waited in the dark? Losing a key to one’s home is a common problem and locksmiths are making a fortune from homeowners. In fact, the average cost for a locksmith to come open your door in the US is $181. Yikes! With a biometric door lock you never have to worry about losing your key or doling out your hard earned money on a locksmith. Fingerprint-reading locks for homes are increasingly becoming more common. With a simple fingerprint you can gain access to your home in a flash. But wait, you say, we have X number of people living in our home. Not a problem, as the Barska biometric door lock from Outfittersmegashop allows up to 100 fingerprints to be stored.

    • Increased security:

      Much like a locksmith, savvy thieves know how to gain entry to your home. Believe it or not, the most accessed way for a burglar is through the front door. In addition, experienced burglars know where to look for your spare key (if you have one hidden), and have used You Tube or considerable experience to gain knowledge as to how to jimmy your key door lock. With the Barska EA12442 biometric door lock, crooks are foiled and your property stands a better chance of not being robbed. You can’t protect your home all the time, and even neighbors with the best intentions cannot keep an eye out for would be thieves. Let the Barska EA12442 biometric door lock do the work for you.

    • Convenience and peace of mind:

      Fumbling for your keys at night or in inclement weather is enough to get a saint to complain. We’ve all been there at one time or another and it can be frustrating, especially during an emergency. The Barska EA12442 biometric door lock takes 5 or less seconds to open. And if you have a glove on your hand, you can always enter your pin code to gain access. Well, what if I have forgotten the pin code and have a glove on my hand, you ask? No worries, as there is always the archaic way in: by key! Convenience and peace of mind are only a fingerprint away.

If you and your family are looking for solutions to gain easy entry to your home, increase security, as well as experience convenience and peace of mind, the Barska EA12442 biometric thumbprint door lock from Outfitters Megashopis your ultimate answer.At affordable prices, you’ll want to protect all of your exterior and interior doors. Can you really afford not to?

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