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5 Tips to Consider When Stocking up for a Camping Trip – Our Guide

bottles of water

A camping trip is an excellent activity that allows you to commune with nature through a range of activities that disconnects you from the noise of the city. One underrated experience that camping provides is the unique experience of eating and sharing food around a campfire while under the starlit sky. Preparing meals for your […]

Our Guide to Know All About a Marine Transmission

marine boat

In the marine world, the words “boat transmission” and “marine transmission” have been widely exchanged. Yes, the gear may look dull and boring and may not even be a subject of your discourse. Know, however, that it plays a crucial role in your boat, whether it’s a yacht or a large workboat that you own. […]

Sailing Life Jackets 101: Which One Should I Use — A Guide

life jackets hanging

Everyone knows that life jackets—or Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs)—are important when they’re going out to sail or undergo recreational water activities. While it remains basic knowledge that it can prevent drowning, many don’t realize that there are different types for different situations—and knowing all of it can literally save your life. Before going on a […]

Our Guide to Buying the Right Trolling Motor for Your Boat

Trolling Motors

Trolling motors offer fishers a cross between boat control and effortless spot hopping. Because of these characteristics, anglers can be more dexterous and strategic in terms of fishing, which is why an increasing number of enthusiasts are starting to purchase this upgrade. As a fisher, you want to secure the best spot before you make […]

The 3 Types of Knives That Any Explorer Should Have on Hand

orange camping knife

For any kind of explorer or adventurer, there’s no denying that one’s camping experience can be made exponentially better or worse by the quality of the gear that one takes with them. Regardless of whether it may be your first or thousandth adventure, bringing the right camping bag, water bottle, and firestarter with you can […]

3 Essentials Campers Should Have for an Off-Grid Camping Trip – Our Guide

Lady camping in woods

Thanks to the widespread awareness of the importance of exploring natural areas, today’s camping scene has definitely grown to be much more adventurous than ever. From traveling cross-country by RV or getting deep into the woods with a 4×4, there is a wealth of different ways to enjoy the great outdoors by foot or car. […]

Sleeping Bags for Backpacking: 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing

2 green sleeping bags

There’s a good reason backpackers are picky about choosing their sleeping bags. Since they don’t have the luxury of hauling their entire camping gear at the back of their trunk, they’re more particular about the equipment that they bring with them. Less is always more for backpackers, and the same is true with their choice […]