Heading to the Wild: 5 Hunting Essentials You Should Pack


Hunting is the exhilarating act of seeking, tracking, and hunting down game in the wild. It has roots dating back to the primordial roles of man as a hunter. Today, many people opt to hunt as a recreational activity with fresh meat as a bonus.

Many state governments support hunting as a necessity to control populations of animals in nature. In fact, there are specific hunting seasons where it’s beneficial for the environment to have less of a particular animal. This strikes a balance in the wildlife’s ecosystem when performed accurately. Like any ritual involving the outdoors, hunting requires you to bring your A-game along with your best gear.

Filling Out Your Hunting Gear Checklist

Unlike a passive activity like camping or hiking, you’ll need to be more agile and packed with gear when going for a hunt. Additionally, your trip to the wild can be a combination of camping and hiking as well. Depending on the duration of your stay outdoors, you may need to include a handful of things in your hunter gear checklist.

Before you head into the wild, here are five hunting essentials to pack with you:

1. Food and Water

Staying outdoors requires you to pack enough food and water throughout your trip. You should bring these in stainless-steel water bottles and air-tight containers to keep them safe from contaminants like germs, dirt, and bacteria. You may want to pack light or have an extra storage container at camp since it’s best to stay agile while on a hunt.

2. Decoys and Scent Killing Sprays

You must have the proper tools to assist you during a hunt. Although there are specific hunting grounds and migration patterns for certain animals, It can take hours or days before you can spot game. This is because animals have a better read of their surroundings with their heightened senses.

To even the playing field, you can bring decoys to attract game and lay specific traps around the area. Additionally, you can wear scent-killing sprays to mask your human smell to keep you disguised while in the wild.

4. Survival Kit Essentials

When going on a hunt, you may need to bring more than the usual contents of your survival kit. Besides backing packing your compass and map, you should bring a game bag to store your kill. Additionally, you need to present your gun license and other documents to prove to park rangers that you’re legally allowed to hunt in the area. If you plan to hunt at night, don’t forget to wear reflective clothing and headlamps to get better vision and to avoid being mistaken as game by other hunters.

5. Weapon of Choice

Bringing along a long-range firearm equipped with a scope is the best way to hunt game in the wild. Make sure you have enough ammunition to make several warning and killing shots. Additionally, don’t forget to bring a protective, waterproof case if you’re expecting rainy weather.


Hunting generally gets easier as you go on more and more trips into the wild. Over time, you’ll get to hone your tacking, spotting, and shooting skills enough to take down game on a regular basis. Although it’s important to work on your inherent skills, don’t forget the value of bringing quality gear to give you the tools to be the best hunter you can be.

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