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Everyday Carry: 3 Tactical Gear Essentials You Need to Include In Your Shopping List

tactical gloves

Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking to immerse yourself in safari adventures like wildlife observation or a professional that needs the right gear to support your line of career, shopping for the ideal tactical gear can make all the difference in your experience.  Tactical gear – be it clothing or accessories – are more than […]

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: 3 Benefits of Using a Shock Collar for Dog Training

rhodesian ridgeback dog with collar

Many paw-parents would be appalled at the idea of using shock collars to keep their overzealous, canine buddies in check, but there’s more good to it than most dog-lovers think. Advances in technology are dispelling old myths and apprehension surrounding training devices for dogs as electronic shock collars prove to be a handy tool that […]

The 3 Types of Knives That Any Explorer Should Have on Hand

orange camping knife

For any kind of explorer or adventurer, there’s no denying that one’s camping experience can be made exponentially better or worse by the quality of the gear that one takes with them. Regardless of whether it may be your first or thousandth adventure, bringing the right camping bag, water bottle, and firestarter with you can […]

How to Tackle a Long-Distance Hike in Winter

Hiking the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail, which begins on Georgia’s Springer Mountain and runs all the way north to Mount Katahdin in Maine, is certainly a hardcore adventure. But making it through the 100-Mile Wilderness in Maine—generally considered the wildest, most remote section—earns another level of bragging rights. Signs posted by the Maine Appalachian Trail Coalition […]