Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: 3 Benefits of Using a Shock Collar for Dog Training

rhodesian ridgeback dog with collar

Many paw-parents would be appalled at the idea of using shock collars to keep their overzealous, canine buddies in check, but there’s more good to it than most dog-lovers think. Advances in technology are dispelling old myths and apprehension surrounding training devices for dogs as electronic shock collars prove to be a handy tool that can steer your pets in the right direction. 

If you have a fur-baby that has a penchant for trouble, food aggression, and relentless barking, you can easily curb their attitude with an electric training collar. Unlike popular belief, it’s not meant to be used as a punishment and does not cause any form of physical harm. 

Are Electronic Dog Collars Harmless? 

Remote e-collars are not painful in any way as the static shock only feels like a vibration that catches your dog’s attention. It’s a way of communication between you and your fur-baby, allowing you to call them, use it as a warning, or to reprimand them for poor behavior. 

Not to mention, modern shock collars have better options for controlling the intensity of the jolt, allowing you to bring back your dog’s focus by setting the shock to a mild vibration. 

It’s also an excellent way to enforce your training by providing the following benefits: 

Benefit #1: Keep Your Dogs From Running Off the Yard 

One of the best parts of electronic shock collars for dogs is that you can set it to give a warning beep if your furry friend is nearing the boundary in your yard. This allows you to protect your dog and keep them within the safety of your garden even without your supervision, allowing you and your dogs to enjoy the great outdoors without the risk of them running off the streets. 

Benefit #2: Help Train Dogs When Verbal Commands Aren’t an Option

Some dogs have a persistent personality that doesn’t do well with verbal commands, while others simply can’t hear at all. In either case, remote training collars make it easier for paw-parents to train dogs even from a distance. 

Benefit #3: Reduces Aggression and Bad Behavior 

Dogs that are overly excited and fail to listen to your reprimands can quickly turn their cute, hard-headed personality into an aggressive nightmare. Before the situation escalates, you need to stop their bad habits as early as possible to keep your furry friends from developing further aggression in the future.

With that in mind, shock collars are a fool-proof way of reminding your dogs to take a step back and prevent the development of bad behavior for good. 

The Bottom Line: Shock Collar for Dogs Can Improve their Discipline and Focus

It’s easy to think that electronic shock collars are bad for your dog, but it’s a helpful tool that can help trainers and dogs alike have a better understanding and more enriching training experience. 

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