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3 Benefits of Owning a Tactical Flashlight

The streets in major cities are violent and crime ridden, but rural areas also have their share of crime. Did you know that a person is sexually assaulted every 90 seconds in the US? Furthermore, someone is robbed every single minute. Consequently, many people are arming themselves to protect their loved ones. But what if […]

Our Latest Innovation: iBOX Portable Dual Access Biometric Security Box

Are you worried about your valuable possessions? Or are you wondering how to travel with vital documents and files? No problem. Outfittersmegashop brings to you an innovative and portable storage device that eliminates the use of a key with their new iBOX Portable Dual Access Biometric Security Box. Now you can quickly store and easily retrieve important […]

Three Most Popular Kinds of Lock Box available at

Do you need a container to store your important valuables? Do not pick any random container or box without an adequate lock system. You must get a container that protects your precious possessions and at the same time has ample amount of ventilation that enables air circulation to control the moisture level. Fortunately, you have […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Safe

The importance of securing important documents and many other valuables should not be underestimated. Many people have their valuables scattered helter-skelter around the house or business and often times have difficulty finding them when they are needed. Others place their goodies in bank safety deposit boxes and have no access to them on a 24-hour […]