Our Latest Innovation: iBOX Portable Dual Access Biometric Security Box

Are you worried about your valuable possessions? Or are you wondering how to travel with vital documents and files? No problem. Outfittersmegashop brings to you an innovative and portable storage device that eliminates the use of a key with their new iBOX Portable Dual Access Biometric Security Box. Now you can quickly store and easily retrieve important valuables using biometric fingerprint scanning sensors. This is a far more advanced and convenient kind of key lock box that functions without the key.

Its Main Features include:

  • Dual Access Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Device
  • Biometric Module Prism
  • Auto Recognition & Power Saving
  • Lightweight, Compact, & Durable


Dual Access Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Device

This is the first kind of security box that uses dual biometric sensors with advanced biometric security technology. This allows the user to store up to 120 fingerprints into its database and allows you to add other users.

Biometric Module Prism

The Biometric Module Prism, made with a protective synthetic glass enables continuous and precise scanning through the entire lifespan of the product.

Auto Recognition & Power Saving

This security device is facilitated with an energy saving automatic motion sensor that is able to instantly detect a finger if it is placed on the scanner for a quick access to the things inside. With this motion sensor, you do not need to press any wake button for retrieving your items.

Lightweight, Compact, & Durable

The size of this iBOX is compatible for desk drawers or larger safes and at the same time it is light and compact. So, it can be used while travelling too. All these features make it ideal for office, home, travel, and security storage.

This iBOX is available in a variety of chic colors along with providing a top-notch quality of protection with its tough body and protective floor mat. So, if you want to protect your valuables from theft or moisture related damage, you should immediately book one of these key lock boxes that operate without the key from Outfittersmegashop.

In order to know more about the specifications of this iBOX Portable Dual Access Biometric Security Box, visit their page, www.outfittersmegashop.com.