Hunting 101: 3 Essential Tips Beginners Should Know


Hunting has been an integral part of American culture for eons, no matter what state you’re from. While people can hunt in the desert or the seas, the most popular form of hunting is traversing the mountains and forests of America. While hunting was traditionally for collecting meat to bring to your household, it’s also a fun sport that trains all your senses to catch different types of game.

Learning Your Hunting Basics

Although different species of animals have distinct behavioral patterns, that doesn’t mean your hunting preparation will be new every time. After all, following a routine is the best way to survive in the wild. It allows you to anticipate the unexpected and be prepared for anything. 

Before you venture into your first hunt, here are three essential tips you should consider:

Act with Purpose and with Minimal Noise

Animals have heightened senses of hearing and smell, which means they can detect potential predators or prey from afar. It’s a disadvantage for hunters who want to sneak up and strike unsuspecting prey. This is why hunters need to train themselves on properly moving in the wild.

As a hunter, you need to be as quiet as possible in everything you do. From unclasping your firearm to crossing a trail, it’s crucial to make as little noise as possible, so you don’t scare the animals away. If you have gear or equipment that utilizes Velcro, it’s best to leave them at home.

Start with a Clean Spot

Contrary to popular belief, hunting is an activity that involves tracking and waiting in equal measures. A hunter doesn’t just find a spot to camp for game by lying down on the ground. Instead, they must clear any obstructions on their line of sight. Besides removing branches and shrubs that could limit your field of vision, you must also remove any leaves, dirt, and debris on the ground if you’re sniping from below. Don’t worry about disinfecting the area unless the area is known for having toxic chemicals nearby. The natural smell of nature will also help to mask your scent from incoming animals.

Stay Calm and Patient at All Times

As mentioned above, hunting is equal parts tracking and waiting for game. Amateur hunters are shocked by this fact and become impatient the longer they don’t experience any action while on a hunt. Keep in mind that spotting, tracking, and waiting for prey is a complex process. Going through the woods or mountains should always be done with a calm and patient mindset. Patience will reward you if you know how to use it well.

Use the time you have to make necessary preparations like noting landmarks or setting traps around animals’ paths. Remember that victory favors the prepared, especially when hunting for game.


Hunting promises a grand time of being in the wilderness and actively looking for game, large and small. By following the tips above, you minimize the risk to your safety and improve your chances of a catch. However, no amount of practice or preparation will protect you if you don’t bring the proper hunting gear for your trip. For this reason, you should always pack high-quality hunting essentials before your hunt.

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