5 Reasons Why You Need a Home Safe

The importance of securing important documents and many other valuables should not be underestimated. Many people have their valuables scattered helter-skelter around the house or business and often times have difficulty finding them when they are needed. Others place their goodies in bank safety deposit boxes and have no access to them on a 24-hour basis. Here are five solid reasons why you should own your own home safe.

    • Protect valuables:

      Critical documents such as passports, titles and deeds, as well as jewelry and other luxuries deserve a place which can be accessed immediately. Running to the bank is not always feasible nor are they always open. A home safe provides you with instant access anytime day or night. Furthermore, handguns can be safely stored away from children or other irresponsible people. Why you should own your own home safe couldn’t be more reasonable.

    • Protection from disasters:

      Unfortunately, fires, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes, as well as other natural or deliberate catastrophes occur when we least expect them. Safekeeping pertinent documents and valuables is therefore a necessity. A waterproof and fireproof safe can alleviate any worries after such a disaster occurs. If your home is destroyed, your safe will still be there for you to gain possession of your valuables. Safeguarding against disasters is a great reason why you need a home safe.


    • Organization:

      Many people keep their jewellery on top of their dresser, the deeds to their property in a kitchen drawer, and other valuables buried in a drawer. This is an invitation to theft and time consuming searches. How many times have you forgotten where your spare key to your car or home was? And what about your insurance policies and wills? All of these require adequate safekeeping in an orderly fashion only available with a home safe.

    • Thwart burglars:

      Crooks are looking to get in and out of a home with the most goodies in the least amount of time. And while a safe may indeed attract their attention, the vast majority of thieves have neither the time, inclination or the know how to penetrate a safe. The chances of someone entering your home is increasing in the US, but the odds are they won’t come with an acetylene torch, as that’s for the movies. As far as that goes, you want a safe that a burglar cannot carry away or “peel” quickly. A sturdy, heavy safe will thwart burglars and keep your possessions safe. Preventing burglars from robbing you blind is one of the better reasons why you need a home safe.

    • Save money on banks deposit boxes:

      People believe that their most valuable possessions deserve safekeeping at a bank. Ostensibly, it sounds reasonable, but on further inspection, this is not necessarily true. Bank deposit boxes cost a monthly fee. There is no doubt that bank deposit boxes are secure, however, they have their drawbacks as well. In fact, the contents are not insured by the FDIC. Consequently, your bank has no responsibility to replace or reimburse you for any losses. Furthermore, you do not have 24-hour access to your possessions. And what happens if your bank fails? That’s right, you lose out. This is all the more reason why you need a home safe.

At Outfittersmegashop.com, we have a variety of safes in various price ranges suitable for the conscientious home or business owner. With natural and man-made disasters increasing, as well as home break in’s, there’s no better time to purchase a home safe. Why spend time looking for your possessions or worrying that they will be stolen? After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.