The 3 Types of Knives That Any Explorer Should Have on Hand

orange camping knife

For any kind of explorer or adventurer, there’s no denying that one’s camping experience can be made exponentially better or worse by the quality of the gear that one takes with them.

Regardless of whether it may be your first or thousandth adventure, bringing the right camping bag, water bottle, and firestarter with you can affect the experience of your journey. When it comes to exploring the wild, it’s important to have the right kind of gear on you because you’re essentially jumping into an environment that you aren’t familiar with.

Out of all the different tools that you can bring with you when exploring the great outdoors, however, there’s one piece of equipment that you should bring with you at all times: a hunting knife.

Why your hunting knife matters and what options you should consider

From clearing paths to getting out of sticky situations and catching your meal, a hunting knife is an essential solution for any situation that an explorer may find themselves in.

As easy as it may be to see that a hunting knife is must-have for any travel-pack, however, choosing the right kind for your specific adventuring needs is another story—which is why we’ve got you covered with this quick guide on each and every one of them:

Camp knives

Best known as any survivalist’s best friend, the classic camp knife is essentially the ideal all-arounder that can take care of anything and everything, from splitting kindling to quartering game.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded knife that can be used to handle most, if not all tasks that you’ll come across when exploring the wilderness, this type of knife is definitely something you should carry in your pack. With a larger drop point and ease of use, a camp knife can keep you safe and get you over any obstacle and challenge you’ll come across.

Boning knives

Straight from the kitchen to the woods, the humble boning knife is a dual-purpose knife that works well in any setting and has been developed to take care of any wild game or meat from the table to a camping ground. Thanks to its narrow structure and even weight distribution, you’ll be able to cleanly remove meat from a carcass and achieve the same amount of precision and sharpness that you usually would get with a fillet knife at home.

Bowie knives

Often characterized by its double-edged tip, the bowie knife has established itself as a crowd favorite amongst hunters and seasoned explorers because of its overall ruggedness and versatility. Generally speaking, this type of knife is relied on by tens and thousands of explorers because of how well it can pierce through anything and everything when you need to clear an area or escape from life-threatening dangers.


With the right kind of knife, you’ll be able to go on any trip to the woods or adventure in the most prepared way possible, especially when it comes to going deep into a wild, dangerous area.

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