The 5 Types of Tents & Which to Choose for Your Camping Trip

Dome Camping Tent

Camping isn’t ever complete without a tent. A tent is a vital camping resource that you shouldn’t neglect, as this serves as your temporary shelter. Choosing a tent for your camping needs can be a bit tricky, as it comes in various shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all tent that you can use anytime, anywhere. You have to choose something that can accommodate a certain number of people, suits the type of weather, and fits your camping needs.

That said, here are five types of tent you may want to consider and choose from for your upcoming camping trip:

1. Backpacking tent

Generally, a backpacking tent designed for one to two persons has a lower profile than other types of tents. This tent is typically smaller in size and is more lightweight, and yet it is durable and designed for backpacking. If you’re going to have a long-distance trek or hike, then this tent will be your best bet. For one, it is an ultralight tent and two, it can endure all weather conditions.

2. Dome tent

Dome tents are said to be the most common design today. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a dome with two poles crossing each other in the center and bending down to reach the corner. To top it off is a rainfly resting on top of the poles for protection. This tent allows an ample amount of room and headspace for your comfort and convenience. It is also very easy to install and set up.

3. Multi-room tent

A multi-room tent is exactly as it sounds—it is designed to provide more than one room. Typically, the rooms are separated by a divider inside the tent. For this reason, it provides added privacy or extra gear storage for a bigger group or family. As far as a multi-room tent is concerned, expect it to be larger in size, harder to pack, and heavier to carry.

4. Wedged tent

A wedged tent has a simple tent design that used to be extremely popular back in the day. Today, however, there are far better alternatives than a wedged tent. This tent is shaped like a wedge (visualize a capital A), and was originally made of canvas and supported by a steel pole on both ends. What’s great about this tent is that, as a shelter, it lasts for quite some time. However, it’s not the most hardy tent and nor is it great against the elements.

5. Inflatable tent

In the world of tents, the inflatable tent is said to be a relative newcomer. The inflatable poles make it a game-changer among standard tent poles. As you can see, regular tents have aluminum or plastic tent poles to hold up the entire thing. However, inflatable tents have air beams required to be inflated to provide support to the whole tent structure. More and more inflatable tent products are yet to be developed and made readily available in the market.


Whether it’s a backpacking, dome, multi-room, wedged, or inflatable tent, the trick is to choose the one that suits your camping needs. With all the options available based on size, structure, and shape, you’ll have a tent suited for every occasion.

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