Neophyte Sailor’s First Sail—Our Guide on Packing

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The thrilling adventure of the open sea is an exciting thought for a neophyte sailor. After all, nothing can beat the experience of looking through a Vivitar reflector telescope as the crisp sea breeze touches your cheeks. However, it is best to stay prepared and pack everything you need. Remember that the sea doesn’t offer the same convenience compared to when you’re on land. Otherwise, you might end up hating your first sail. 

Here is our guide for your first expedition on unguarded cerulean waters. Like every soldier at war, all sailors need to be fully armed when they face the challenges of the sea.

Pack light using soft storage

In every outdoor adventure, less is more. The less unnecessary baggage you carry with you, the more space you can put essential items in your bag. Additionally, the area on your vessel has a limit. If you bring too much, you might feel cramped, which can ruin your first sailing experience. 

You need to pack a lot of things if you’re on a long journey like a trip across the Atlantic Ocean. If there’s one thing you should focus on, it would be to turn every nook and cranny on your ship as food storage—this practice prevents it from turning into wasted space. You should also store food in storage bags instead of food containers for easy packing. Then, use a Viper bag opener to open and seal used bags quickly.

Additionally, don’t bring hard cases as storage like suitcases or big luggage. You can opt to use bags made of soft fabric, which is perfect during turbulent seas to minimize injuries. Lastly, make sure to pack a handy Hatsan hand pump in case the water pressure is too low to do anything.

Be prepared for all weather conditions

The weather conditions in the sea are unpredictable. Unlike in the land, however, you can’t go back to your house when you forgot something important. With that said, you must bring essential items that cater to different sets of weather conditions for your security and convenience. 

For days when the sun shines brightly, always apply a water-proof sunscreen. UV-protection glasses help shield your eyes from the harmful destruction of ultraviolet rays. Sunhats are excellent additions too because it prevents your head from overheating when you want to sunbathe onboard.

When it’s raining, bring a windbreaker with you to guard your body against drizzles. If it’s a downpour, bring a heavy-duty raincoat with warming features to keep your body warm. Also, bring a first-aid kit complete with all the bare essentials in case you get sick or injured during the trip.

Pack items for various activities

You can bring digicam binoculars to record videos of gorgeous nearby islands or a family of dolphins you happened to pass by. Meanwhile, Okuma musky rods are an excellent addition if you want to fish in excellent weather conditions. 

Bring hiking gear, too, like sandals to protect your feet from injuries from corals, nettles, and various insects. 


Sea adventures are an excellent way to reconnect with nature. If you’re looking for a digital detox, the open seas are the perfect avenue to do that. After all, there’s limited to non-existent signals out there. 

It is essential to prepare for your trip. Otherwise, you compromise your safety, security, and convenience when you forget to bring an essential item. When you read our guide above, you’re good to go!

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