2 Reasons Camouflage Plays a Crucial Role in Hunting – What to Know

camouflage clothing pattern

There are certain thrills, fun, and excitement that come when you go on a hunting adventure. The idea of going out in the woods in search of animal prey can be a bit challenging. However, your hunting doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. 

Apart from your hunting knowledge and skills, you have to factor in the things you need to bring and wear. For the most part, you’ll carry with you a gun or bow, a knife, and not to mention your license as a hunter.

What about your camouflage? That’s where the debate among many people begins. In the following sections, we’ll cover why the use of camouflage is needed for hunting and what roles it has to play. 

 The use of camouflage for hunting

The use of camouflage is a bit controversial in the circle of hunters. Some people believe that it is an unnecessary gear for hunting and it doesn’t work all the time. This group goes hunting while wearing anything they want without giving much thought about the use of camouflage. On the other hand, many states actually require hunters to wear blaze orange so that hunters can identify each other. Though it is a bright color, it is said that deers cannot distinguish this hue well.

The truth is, hunters must know that camouflage works via two basic ways: blending with the surroundings or breaking up your outline. Here’s how it works:

1. Blending with the surroundings

The use of camouflage makes you blend in with your surroundings. However, such blending with the background is more complex than you might expect. The goal is to ensure that your camouflage ought to match the foliage around you. 

For instance, a marsh pattern won’t work in a tree stand, as it will make you stand out. For this reason, you need a handful of camouflage types that complement well with your surroundings. That way, your prey, such as deers, rabbits, or squirrels, won’t easily see you from afar. From there, you can make a target and take the shot.

2. Breaking up your outline

Another good reason to wear camouflage is how it enables you to break up your outline. In fact, this is the most crucial element in hunting. Most mammals, such as deers, coyotes, and bears, cannot see colors as we do; but they do see certain colors. Camouflage that has different shades won’t matter to them. 

For instance, deers usually see blues, greens, and yellows at most, and they also cannot tell the difference between shades very well. For this reason, prioritize a camouflage that breaks up your outline – not necessarily the colors themselves. You have to minimize the use of various things, such as wide belts, backpack straps, hat brims, rifle scopes, and boots. Reducing all these will make you more unnoticeable.


As you can see, hunting is straightforward, and the use of camouflage can help you as a hunter. By blending in with the surroundings and breaking up your outline, the use of camouflage can make a difference in your hunting pursuit.

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