3 Reasons to Own the Barska Loaded Gear AX-500 Hard Case – 53in

Denver and Boulder, Colorado area hunters (as well as hunters throughout the US), are licking their proverbial chops and anticipating the opening day of the rifle hunting season. If you’re like most hunters, you possess a number of rifles and typically take more than one on your hunting trips. And, if you’re also like the typical hunter, you take care of your weapons. Getting your rifles to and from your hunt without damaging them is a concern, so let’s take a look at 3 reasons why you need to own the Barska Loaded Gear AX-500 Hard Case – 53in.

  • Optimal damage control. Weapons are not toys neither are they cheap. It is therefore necessary to keep your rifle(s) in a protective case to protect your investment. The Barska Loaded Gear AX-500 Hard Case – 53in Rifle Hard Case by Barskafeatures four primary storage compartments, dual side mesh pockets, a front utility pocket, front side storage and accessory hook, as well as reinforced wheel rollers. Other protective features consist of two layers of shock absorbing egg crate padding as well as pre-perforated cubed foam which allows any gun aficionado to effortlessly customize the foam to the shape of the rifle so that is does not move around during transport. The foam padding ensures your rifle(s) will not be damaged by normal jostling experienced when travelling in bumpy terrain, especially in the rugged areas of Denver, Boulder, and other rural terrain.
  • The Barska Loaded Gear AX-500 Hard Case – 53in is TSA friendly for hunters and gun enthusiasts travelling out of state. The locks double as latches to prevent underage kids from accessing your weapon(s) which is a concern for any sensible gun owner. And while no gun is 100% safe, the case provides you with comfort inasmuch as you know it keeps honest people honest. For extra security measures, you can purchase a quality lock to padlock through the handles of the hard case.
  • Long-lasting design. No hard gun case is gorilla proof, but the Barska Loaded Gear AX-500 Hard Case – 53in provides you with a durable storage device for your rifle(s) and accessories. With an Inner Dimensions LxWxH: 50″x12.19″x5.43, this hard case is easily capable of fitting two rifles or shotguns of up to 50 inches in length. The ever rigid aluminum case frame offers additional reinforcement to the exterior of this rifle case. Built in to the rifle case are interior locking hinges that ensure that the case stays open for easier access. The Barska Loaded Gear AX-500 Hard Case – 53in also features two crushproof handles, and the hard case also comes with a set of keys.

Whether you’re hunting in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, or any other area of the US, the Barska Loaded Gear AX-500 Hard Case – 53in is an inexpensive investment for your rifles and hunting accessories. Providing optimal damage control, security, and with a long-lasting design, this hard case will provide hunters or gun enthusiasts with years of peace of mind knowing that their valuable weapons are safe and sound. Outfittersmegashop.com is ready to ship this bargain today so why not order now?