3 Reasons You Need to Wear Waterproof Boots When Hiking

Waterproof hiking shoes

Do you always find your feet soaking wet after hiking through not-so-dry conditions? You are most likely using the wrong hiking footwear. Unless you love the feeling of water getting in between your toes, you should be wearing waterproof hiking boots. Not only will they keep your feet nice and dry, but they are the perfect type of hiking boots.

Here is why you need to wear waterproof hiking boots:

1. Your feet will stay dry

Even if you never walked into any puddle of water, or that the weather did not rain down on you, your feet can still get wet because of sweat. If you find that your feet are moist after a hike, then it is incredibly likely that your footwear is not breathable.

While the term breathable is used in many ways, a breathable boot typically means one that allows for vapor, usually caused by sweat, to be released from your shoes. It means that when you go about purchasing a pair of waterproof hiking boots, always ensure that they are breathable. That will help your feet stay dry, and in any case that your feet do get wet, the water can quickly evaporate and not stay trapped in your hiking footwear.

2. You do not have to worry about the elements

The great thing about waterproof boots is that it is not only designed to be explicitly waterproof. While the name does suggest that, it is the perfect boots for any hiking condition. It means that whether the rain is pouring or the sun is blazing, the boots are going to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the hike.

A hidden benefit with waterproof boots comes when you are hiking during winter. When your feet get wet then, you put yourself at risk of frostbite. However, since waterproof boots keep the moisture out and away from your feet, you do not have to worry about the cold.

3. You can wade in the water without worry

Even when the weather’s dry, you might still find yourself having to wade through shallow streams. While you can hop from one rock to another or look for a bridge somewhere, that is a waste of time! With waterproof boots, you can wade in the water. If the water does not go any higher than the top of your boots, you can do so while keeping your feet perfectly dry.

Note that you might feel a cold sensation on your feet while you are walking through the water. That is not actually the water reaching your feet. Instead, it is the vapor inside condensing onto your feet because of the temperature drop caused by the rushing water. As soon as you leave the stream, you will find that the sensation disappears.


Waterproof hiking boots are a must-have, especially if you love hiking. It will keep your feet safe and secure, as well as ensure that it stays dry no matter what happens. With that, you will enjoy your hikes even more, as you won’t find yourself sitting on a rock, removing your shoes, and trying to dry your socks.

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