3 Surprising Health Benefits of Fishing – What to Know

man fishing

Many people think that fishing is a leisure activity that involves throwing a line and waiting for the right fish to hook. While it’s true that fishing is more or less a relaxing sport, it also promotes surprising benefits to your health more than satisfying your cravings for boat side adventures. 

More than a weekend hobby, the list below explores how fishing can be good for your health and why you should take the bait. 

Benefit #1: Fishing Improves the Immune System 

In addition to reeling in some good old-fashioned fun, fishing can take you closer to the great outdoors and get you hooked on a healthy outlet. Staying close to the lake or ocean, for instance, can do wonders in boosting your immune system as it generates negatively charged ions.

These ions are powerful molecules that can kill bacteria, so a trip to the beach for a mid-summer fishing can improve your system from inside and out. Not to mention, spending some time under the sun can also give you a healthy dose of vitamin D, which helps modulate your calcium and phosphorus intake. 

While getting tan lines and fun times under the sun is healthy, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen as too much exposure can also be harmful to your skin. 

Benefit #2: Fishing Promotes Exercise 

Fishing seems like an uneventful sport, but there’s more action to it than waiting and sitting around for the fish to bite your bait. It can be physically demanding as you stand and wade across rivers, while casting and recasting can also challenge your arms and endurance. 

The continuous motion can also strengthen the core in your abdomen and lower back, while pulling against a massive force once a large fish struggles to break free can test your balance and coordination. 

Fishing can be an excellent workout that will boost the dexterity in your hands, wrists, and forearms. 

Benefit #3: Gives Your Brain a Good Workout 

Fishing is just as much of a mental workout as it is a physical sport since it exercises patience and anticipation. Casting to the intended place you want can exhaust plenty of brain power since it involves mastering techniques. 

Not to mention, fishing also educates you to learn water conditions, which sharpen your mind and help you determine whether it’s an optimal spot for fishing. Being outdoors is also enough to replenish your energy and give your mind a much-needed boost of clarity. 

The Bottom Line: Fishing is a Hobby that can Promote Mental and Physical Wellness

Fishing provides an excellent opportunity to combine relaxation with adventure. The sense of reward you get after having your catch of the day can be an immediate stress-buster, while surrounding yourself in nature can do wonders for improving your overall wellness. 

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