3 Tips to Improve Your Direction When Conquering the Wilderness

hiking woman holding a map in her hands

When it comes to hiking on any route or terrain, one of the biggest challenges that you could ever face is managing not to get lost.

Regardless of what part of St. Louis you’re exploring, the threat of getting lost along the way and moving aimlessly in circles is one that remains constant and affects those unprepared. Although researchers believe that a sense of direction is an innate human trait that is present in everyone, the truth is that not all functions are made equal.

As you continue to discover all the different ways you can enjoy your interest, the urgency to improve your direction while hiking and camping remains. Although you may probably think that it’s impossible at first, the truth about this sense—like other innate human abilities—is that it can be refined with constant practice and the right tips. 

Struggling to improve your sense of direction? Here are a few tips to help  

If you want to stay safe and sound even if you get lost, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to improve your sense of direction when hiking or camping: 

Tip #1: Always approach the task with adequate rest

One of the most significant differentiating factors when it comes to having a fine-tuned sense of direction is having a proper amount of rest. 

Although getting a good night’s sleep is a generic piece of advice, it’s especially important when it comes to finding your way around the wilderness. Having enough sleep matters a whole lot because it will help keep your other senses (which are related to establishing an internal sense of direction) sharp. Once you understand how the relationship between sleep and sensory sharpness works, you can then never feel lost no matter where you are during a hike! 

Tip #2: Learn to study the maps of your destination

Continually refining your sense of direction is an effort that requires you to consider several other interwoven details that will piece the puzzle together. 

For centuries, many experienced explorers were able to refine their sense of direction by studying the maps of countless destinations in their journeys. By taking the time to grow accustomed to the landscape of the paths they traversed, they were able to observe natural tendencies that would help them discern between north, south, east, and west. To this day, the same train of thought continues to apply no matter where you go, which is why you should study the maps of your destination to strengthen your directions!

Tip #3: Keep a compass with you at all times

Although you might like to think that your direction will save you from getting lost, it always pays to keep a compass with you for emergencies. 

Apart from telling the direction even when you can’t, the compass can also work towards refining your senses because it works the same way as the map does. Using your compass as a referential tool can fine-tune the way your directions because you can continuously pack on the training you’ll need for better results!


For any kind of explorer, the ability to have a good sense of direction is respected in every right, yet the reality is that it can also be trained and refined if you’re persistent. With the three tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to continually improve the way your mind determines its orientation to the point that you can hike and explore without the need for a GPS!

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