4 Things You Need to Bring for Your Backyard Camping Trip

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Missing the outdoors and want to go camping? You’d have plenty of camping sites to choose from if it weren’t for the ongoing lockdown. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard at home, then you can definitely make do with what you have!

You can go out on a mini camping trip right in your backyard where you can stay up at night roasting marshmallows and look at the stars—all while still having easy access to the facilities your home provides.

That said, even though you are right near your home, here are a few things you will need to ensure so that your backyard camping adventure is a successful one.


While it is evident that you will need tents to set up your backyard camping trip, it is crucial to pick the right ones for the occasion.  

Generally, pop-up tents are the best pick. Not only do they function exceptionally well as a shelter, but they are also incredibly easy to set up. You can, of course, splurge a little more and opt for a luxurious, family-sized tent and get the kids to help set up everything.

Either way, the activity can be a great learning experience that teaches them how to set up their tents properly. That way, they can show off their tent-pitching skills the next time they go out camping on their own. 


Torches are one of the most essential tools you can ever bring to a campout. They help you illuminate your surroundings and stay safe once the sun has set. While you probably will not need them as much if you are camping in your backyard, you can still use a torch for a myriad of other activities. For example, you can go out looking for interesting bugs at night while the kids are equipped with torches. 

What is important here is that you should pick up rechargeable torches or ones with a built-in recharging mechanism. That way, they can be juiced up quickly even when the kids accidentally leave them on for the whole night. 

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are always useful even in other activities outside of camping. Nothing beats laying in front of the TV, snuggled up in one without having to worry about falling asleep. With that, buying a high-quality sleeping bag is a must. The more you invest in purchasing one, the more comfortable it will be. 

 If you do not have access to sleeping bags for some reason, then feel free to use a mattress. Try to opt for an air mattress, if possible, as they are quite comfortable and surprisingly easy to move around. Plus, older folks like you would need something soft to cushion their backs, and an air cushion is going to do the job perfectly.

Fire pits

Campfires are a given in any campsite. Unfortunately, you are in your backyard, and the last thing you want to happen is to set the grass ablaze. Fortunately for you, fire pits exist! You can easily purchase a firepit with stands. Not only would your grass be safe and away from the fire, but the fire also becomes much easier for you to handle since you do not have to bend over.

With a fire pit ready, you and the kids can enjoy wonderful evenings of sharing stories, eating s’mores, and enjoying each other’s company! Plus, it will keep all of you warm even in the chilliest of nights. 


Before you start your backyard camping adventure, make sure you have all of the essentials that we have mentioned above. That way, you can ensure a fun-filled adventure that’s close to a real outdoor camping trip.

Besides, what would happen if you tell your kids that you could not start a campfire because you did not have a firepit? There would be nothing but disappointment. Do them and yourself a favor and be as prepared as possible.

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