4 Vital Tips for Selecting an Airgun – Our Guide

air rifle

Investing in a new air gun is necessary for your specific use and endeavor. Whether it’s for hunting, pest control, recreational shooting, or a competitive sport, you have to find the right one that suits your needs. 

There is a wide range of air guns available in the market. Each has its own distinct features and particular uses, so they work differently from one another. Choosing the right air gun can prove to be a bit challenging.

Fret not, as we have a few important tips for you in selecting the right airgun. Read below before you head your way to a hunting store to buy one.

1. Know your reason for buying an airgun

Before you take the plunge into buying an airgun, ask yourself: Why am I investing in a new airgun in the first place? Maybe you need one for your hunting endeavor, recreational shooting, upcoming competition, or safety gear for your house protection. Knowing the reason will allow you to get the right airgun.

2. Get acquainted with the propulsion methods

Once you understand why there’s a need to buy an airgun, consider the gun’s propulsion method. This method refers to how a gun powers pellets or BBs through and out of the barrel. Here are the three main propulsion methods to consider:

  • Spring piston: This uses elastic energy stored in the spring.
  • Pneumatic: This uses pressurized gas stored internally.
  • Compressed gas: This uses external sources of pressurized gas. 

3. Factor in the air rifle accessories

When it comes to investing in an airgun, it doesn’t only entail choosing the gun itself. It’s also about choosing the best accessories as they, too, play a crucial part in the shooting. For the most part, the accessories you may need to consider are as follows:

  • Pellets: Most modern-day air guns prefer and use pellets for a handful of reasons. In a nutshell, pellets are more accurate, moving at higher velocities than BBs, and are generally safer to use. You may consider the wadcutter, domed or round-nosed, pointed, or bullets for your pellets.
  • BBs: They are considered as the classic airgun projectile. For many years, they are made of leads that are still available for use in certain types of guns. However, steel-made BBs are universally used in air rifles today.

4. Take into account some personal considerations

Choosing an airgun all boils down to your personal considerations. On top of these factors are as follows: 

  • Shooter’s age: Consider your age as a shooter to see if you can handle a particular rifle.
  • Shooting type: Factor in the type of shooting you’re likely to execute. Of course, this depends on the intended use of your rifle.
  • Budget: Your financial resource has a huge say on the type of rifle you are willing to invest in or can afford to buy.


Purchasing a new airgun can be pretty straightforward, only if you consider the vital tips discussed above. Therefore, know your reason for buying one, be familiar with the propulsion methods, factor in the accessories, and consider your personal needs. With all these in mind, you’ll get the perfect air gun for your needs.

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