5 Deer Hunting Tips for Rookies – What You Need to Know

roe deer

Deer hunting has long been practiced for tens of thousands of years. It was primarily performed to hunt for meat for consumption until it became a recreational sport to many.

As the sport became more popular even to non-enthusiasts, expert hunters have made it more convenient and accessible for everyone by sharing their deer hunting tips and tricks. Whether by pointing out the best hunting equipment or showing how to target a buck, these tips have helped to expand the deer hunting community to what it is today.

If you are a rookie and want to learn more about deer hunting, here are some of the best deer hunting tips to follow:

Tip #1: Explore small public parcels of land

What makes deer hunting challenging is that you have to hunt with many other people. When that happens, others either get the most targets and leave you nothing or disturb the deer and let them escape.

To ensure that you will have a good target, consider exploring small public parcels of land. The smaller and less accessible it is, the better. This is because most hunters will disregard going to these hunting grounds, leaving the areas all for you to explore and hunt in.

Tip #2: Hunt downwind

Most rookie hunters’ first instinct is to hunt directly where the buck sign is. To get a better catch, consider hunting downwind in cover to target a buck that is approaching the scrape. It gives you an early advantage of catching a buck before it gets to its destination.

Tip #3: Drive during dawn or late afternoon

If you prefer hunting during a full moon, you should consider hunting at dawn and late afternoon during the lunar phase. This is because the animals travel during midday when the moon is full, giving you higher chances of encountering bucks and hunting them more efficiently.

Tip #4: Make loud rattles

Rattling is one of the best ways you can attract bucks. Experts recommended that you rattle from midday to mid-morning. The louder and more natural your rattle is, the more territory you will be able to cover and the more bucks will come forward, giving you more targets to hunt.

Tip #5: Mix hunting strategies

Do not make a habit out of sticking to your comfort zone. When you keep hunting in the same place, at the same time, and with the same strategies, bucks will soon realize and learn what is happening and will most likely avoid the area. Remember that your goal is to be as discreet as possible so as not to scare them away and make your actions predictable. Make sure to mix up your hunting strategies once in a while. Perhaps you can change your hunting time or explore another hunting ground on the next trip.


Deer hunting is a fun yet challenging experience. As you may know, it is not easy to catch bucks nor attract them towards you. When hunting deers, make sure to make your actions unpredictable. Consider hunting downwind, driving at dawn or late afternoon, and mixing your hunting strategies. Exploring small public parcels of land also helps in honing your skills and discovering new targets.

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