5 Tips To Make An Excellent Camping Experience For Your Kids

children camping at a bonfire

Camping trips are often unforgettable experiences, especially when it’s the first time a child goes to one! While many would shudder at the thought of sleeping outside the safety of a house, the right facets can make it an experience worth getting back to. As such, if you have kids and you’re thinking of taking them camping, then you want to make sure that they have the best experience. 

To do this, you need to know what to do before and during the camping trip to ensure that your kids will have the best time. Not only can they enjoy the feel of the outdoors, but they will also be able to pick something valuable from the experience. 

Here are some tips to help you achieve the best camping trip for your kids: 

Do A Trial

A camping trial doesn’t necessarily have to be up in the mountains, it can be as simple as taking your kids to a nearby park or even in your own backyard! Take some camping essentials with you, such as your tent, sleeping bags, and other essential gear often used in camping trips. 

If you can’t take a trip to a nearby park, you can always try to do one small task at a time. Perhaps, you can try to have your kids set up the tent in your backyard and have them sleep inside with their sleeping bags and flashlight. In doing so, you get to gauge if your children are ready for the real camping experience or if you need more preparation before you take them out.

Get To Know The Area

You probably have a location in mind where you and your kids can go camping. Before you take them with you, make sure that you get to know the area first. 

How are the camping spots in the area? Where is the nearest gas station, grocery stores, and hospital? The more you get to know the area, the more you will feel more at ease when camping day arrives. That way, in any case of emergency, you can navigate your family towards safety and help.

Make It Comfortable

Camping is an outdoor activity, and most of the time, you need to rough it out there. While it might sound like common sense, this won’t apply to children—especially if it’s their first time! 

Before you take them camping, make sure to keep their comfort in mind. Bring additional pillows and perhaps, a sleeping pad that will make their sleep in the evening more comfortable. You can even bring an air mattress with you just to keep the kids comfy when they sleep inside the tent. Doing so can help ease the potential issues of the outdoors and keep them excited for the next trip.

Make Them Help

When you’re already at the camping ground, it’s time to allow your kids to do what they learned during your trial runs. Let them help in setting up the tent, have them gather logs for the campfire, and if they’re old enough, let them help you start the fire. The more you involve them, the more they will find value in camping. In fact, they might even enjoy it and be the ones to initiate in asking for your next one!

Prioritize Safety

Camping trips mean you’re also open to some safety risks. For example, the fire you set up can cause accidents or maybe someone stubs their toe while looking for firewood. As such, you not only have to prioritize safety at all times, but you also have to come prepared for any eventuality. 

Make sure to talk to your children about staying safe while camping. You can watch videos and read books or articles before the trip so your kids know how to behave. You can even teach them basic first aid—just in case they get hurt while out of the house.


Camping is a great way to bond and expose your kids to the outdoors. Your role as a parent is to prepare them and ensure that they behave well during the camping trip. Doing trial runs, getting to know the area, and making your children help you are some of the things that can make the trip worthwhile. Comfort and safety should also be your priorities, which means that you also need to stock up on quality camping gear. 

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