A Family Sailing Trip With Kids: Guide for First-Timers

sailing boat out at sea

If you are thinking about spending a holiday with the whole family sailing, let us tell you right now that you are about to have a memorable experience with everyone. Sailing is a great way to relax your mind, have peace, while also enjoying the moment. The sound of the wind and the flow of water going past the boat add to that comfort. It is quite easily a perfect way to escape the modern world. 

If you plan to bring your children but are having doubts about taking them with you on a boat trip, let this article address all concerns you might have.

On the Age Limit

There is no age limit when it comes to sailing. It is almost similar to camping, except that it is more luxurious. It is an activity that lets the kids spend time with nature. With fresh air surrounding them, they’ll indeed sleep soundly at night after having fun playing all day.

If you plan to bring a baby or toddler with you, you can ask the boat supplier to secure the boat’s edges with safety nets. It will help you feel confident in letting your small children move around the vessel—but of course, adult supervision is still a must. Don’t forget to bring enough age-appropriate baby food since there will be no supermarkets around the sea.

The Right Vessel to Choose

If you are sailing with small children, the best vessel to choose is a catamaran. It is a multi-hulled watercraft with two parallel, stable hulls of equal size on each side, making them the safest option. Catamarans also have plenty of room, so the kids will have enough areas to play around while sailing. They also have built-in nets to lounge on between the hulls, which gives everyone an incredible experience with the waves. 

What Route to Take

The best route for families is short sails with various stops to keep the children engaged. Kids may find a long course tedious, but shorter routes will give the whole family a fresh sailing experience each time, especially when hopping from one beautiful area to another. 

The whole sailing experience will also help improve the kids’ attention spans, as there are many sights to spot each time. 

What to Do While Inside the Boat

Your stay inside the boat will never be boring. Kids and even adults can enjoy a lot of activities while sailing. Here are some ideas, plus a few things you should prepare.

  • Bring drawing supplies so the kids can sketch the spectacular scenery 
  • Pack cards and dice for everyone to play with
  • Take a book to have quiet time in the shade


Don’t forget the toys to keep the kids entertained. You can give them ropes for practicing their knots or a compass to let them check the route. That way, they can have fun and learn something new. 

Activities to Do With the Kids Outside the Boat

There are so many things you can do with the kids on a sailing trip. Swimming in blue, crystal clear water is one of them. Some catamarans are designed with steps at the back, called transom, making diving into the water easier for everyone. Swimming around the boat, chasing fish, and splashing water at each other are simple water activities everyone would fancy. 

If you want to add more adventure, make sure to bring snorkels and masks for your whole family so you can discover the mysteries that lie underwater. Using a catamaran’s transom, you can also try feeding fish with some of your leftovers. 

If you have kids who are scared of the water, you have nothing to worry about. Every boat has life jackets that will keep them safe while they enjoy the water. 


If you are looking for fun nature activity to experience with the whole family, sailing is a fun experience that you will surely not regret. As long as you plan the trip carefully, follow our recommendations, and choose the best option for the family, you will have the best time of your life!

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