Backpacked & Hunting Ready: How to Prepare for a Backpack Hunting Trip

hunter and dog

Becoming a backpack hunter is something that needs all the necessary preparation and essentials to pull off successfully. You are essentially planning for two separate trips here: hunting for your animal of choice and camping. The wilderness is admittedly for the select few who truly love to ruff it out and find fulfillment in outdoor enjoyment. 

This trip requires quite a number of essentials. You may have to look into the different kinds of camping gear and hunting gear that you will pack. You surely don’t want to bring a lot out in the woods, but you will also need just enough to suffice your trip. 

Before heading out to your nearest hunting store or camp gear store, take a look at this list of essentials, all with the vital information you need to enjoy both hunting and camping. 


The Bare Minimums for Survival


Water, food, and shelter—these are the three essentials that you will need to take into account for your trip. A majority of backpack hunters have purification tablets or a portable water filter system so that they have easy access to water taken fresh from a river. Packing freeze-dried meals and a camping stove takes care of your food. 

You may want to be more in touch with the elements as a backpack hunter, so maybe you want to bring just a comfortable sleeping bag. However, if the weather is unforgiving in your camping spot of choice, you may need to bring a tent. 

What happens when you get lost in the woods? Your packed essentials may only be in limited supply after all. A GPS or a compass is a handy device to have to track your surroundings and also keep an eye out for the weather. These bare essentials should be at the core of your survival tactics, so make sure all these are in your backpack.


Packed in Your Ideal Backpack


Camping gear with hunting gear can become quite challenging to carry. Choosing the ideal backpack is like choosing your ideal companion on your trip. They need to be organized and have everything you need on the ready. 

The backpack also needs to be the perfect fit for your body with even weight distribution. Frame packs are also great additions along with your backpack just in case you want enough space for all your gear. Remember this as you pick the right camping backpack for your trip. 


Wearing Comfortable Camping/Hunting Clothes


Carrying a camp backpack will also be quite a burden if your camping boots and attire are not made for your body and the wilderness. You must remember that braving the wilderness terrain means needing to have warm, dry feet to ensure that your mobility is always at 100 percent. Dressing for comfort and mobility ensures that you can catch up to your target and also upstand the wilderness. 


Becoming an accomplished backpack hunter/camper is always in the preparation. Also, camping gear and hunting gear are definitely half the battle won. This particular experience will truly give you a different perspective on the wilderness and survival. Just be sure to take everything you need and be prepared for anything. 

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