Backpacking 101: 5 Tips to Lighten Your Load – Our Guide

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Backpacking is an exciting hobby and experience for thrill-seekers who are hungry for nature-driven adventures. Being out on the wild means you have to pack essentials with you every step of the way – from camping equipment, food, appropriate clothes, and more.

With so much weight on your shoulders, it’s no surprise that every step on steep hills and other challenging terrains can hurt. That’s why expert backpackers suggest that packing smart means you can lighten your load, allowing you to save your energy and enjoy the trail without your items weighing down the fun.

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a weekend warrior, the tips below should help you walk more ground on your next adventure and cut down your items to its bare essentials:

Tip #1: Invest in a Down Sleeping Bag

The second most important factor to consider is your sleeping bag. You’ll be spending hours on end exploring safari jungles, mountains, and whatnot, so choosing quality can make or mar your sleep quality.

However, sleeping bags can also take up plenty of space and weight from your backpack. That’s why it’s better to opt for a down sleeping bag, which promises a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than your standard synthetic sleeping bags.

Another option is a down camping blanket, but be sure to keep these items away from moisture as it can’t get you warm once it gets wet unless you apply a water-repellant to the surface.

Tip #2: Choose Dehydrated Foods If Possible

Another part of your essential consumables that take up much of your pack’s heavyweight is the food, which also means it offers more room to shed unnecessary pounds it often adds.

That doesn’t mean you have to compromise the quantity, but rather, finding other ways to insert more food for half its weight offers a smarter solution.

Using dehydrated food items, for instance, is an excellent way to fill yourself up for most of your journey without slowing you down on your trail.

Tip #3: Skip the Second Pair of Shoes and Opt for Trail Runners

When thinking about your backpacking load, most focus on the pack you lug around your shoulders but often overlook the added weight of your shoes. Speaking of which, the quality should either meet or exceed the standard performance to withstand rough terrain and harsh weather conditions.

With that in mind, trail runners offer the solution as it is significantly lightweight without compromising its durability. This allows you to ditch other heavy hiking boots and wear quality trail runners for the rest of your climb.

In Conclusion: Don’t Let Your Backpack Weigh Down Your Fun When Exploring the Great Outdoors

Hiking or climbing with unnecessary weight on your back will only slow you down. Cutting back your belongings allows you to cover more miles smartly, making it easier to enjoy the views without the distracting feeling of the world on your shoulders.

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