Cozy Warm Bear Creek Sleeping Bag

With fall approaching you think of changing leaves and cool brisk air.  But do you think about camping trips or hiking? You want to get everything necessary to enjoy the great outdoors.  Obviously tents are the number one thing, but sleeping bags for your camping trip, hiking adventure or even a kid’s sleepover outside in the back yard is a must.  You are not just going to sleep on the ground, so your sleeping bag is at the ready to protect you from the elements.  There are many different brands and designs of sleeping bags for you to choose.  It is up to you to determine what is right for your situation. You want the best sleeping bag possible to put you at ease and keep you warm.

Sleeping bags provide the warmth you need by trapping and keeping a layer of non-circulating air next to your body. Your body heat in turn warms this air and the bag provides a barrier to keep the cold out.  You want to stay warm but not overheat, although you could always vent your bag. Even if you are in a tent, you want the best sleeping bag to fit you properly for maximum comfort. Comfort level varies from one person to another while you may always be hot someone else may always be cold, so consider what the temperature will dip down to overnight. In addition, you want to consider leg room for your comfort when choosing your bag. While having a sleeping bag snug against your body allows it to heat you up faster, you still want some room. You want to be able to stretch out and relax without being crunched in and confined, unless of course you sleep in the baby position and curled to the side all night.  Some often put two sleeping bags together to stretch out as much as possible.

Although you might not often think about cleaning your bag (others do), it is a good idea to do so on occasion.  You may not necessarily need to wash it per se every time you come from a trip, but washing it sometimes will keep it cleaner. You could use a liner, sheet, or blanket to help keep oils and dirt from your body getting inside the sleeping bag material and clogging it up. While some may choose to sleep in a tank or t-shirt and shorts, most will have their longer sleeping garments or long underwear to protect the liner and/or bag from oils and dirt from their arms and legs.

There are different types of bags for you to choose, like the mummy shape – but are you sleeping overnight or being stuffed to rest for the next 1,000 years?  Your good old standard rectangle Bear Creek Sleeping Bag has quilt through construction with dimensions 38″ x 79″ and full 2-way zipper.  Having a nice quilted sleeping bag with Insulblok polyester insulation and cotton flannel will keep you warm and cozy all night.  Don’t forget the pillow!