Hiking With Your Dog: 5 Things You Should Remember

dog on a hike

One of the best ways to clear your head, take a break, and burn a few calories is by taking a hike. Going on walks is a great way to spend time with yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature. Another way to enjoy your hike is by taking your furry best friend with you.

Hiking is an excellent way for you and your dog to exercise. You will both enjoy each other’s company while walking and enjoying the beauty of nature. However, there are a few things to remember before you and your dog go on a hike. Before you put on your hiking footwear, read these hiking tips, so you and your dog have an excellent hiking experience:

Make sure your dog is healthy

A common misconception is that all dogs are fit to go hiking. The truth is, some dogs may have a health condition that hinders them from going on long walks, especially on elevated terrain. You also have to consider your dog’s breed, size, age, and even personality before taking them with you on any adventure. 

When you hike, you’re not walking on an even surface. You and your dog will go up and down some hills, make turns, and sometimes go through a flight of stairs. Hiking is a strenuous activity, and you need to consider if your dog can handle it.

Keep your dog safe

Research the different national parks you and your dog could go to for a hike. Some national parks don’t allow dogs, while for others, taking your pet with you isn’t a problem. It is best to keep your dog leashed while hiking to protect your pet from running off or being attacked by wild park animals. 

Some national parks have a designated trail for hikers with pets. Follow this trail instead of going on another route because, ideally, this trail would be safer for your dog.

Check-up on your dog and take breaks

Just like humans, your dog can’t keep walking for hours straight. Remember that your dog needs to stay hydrated and take a few breaks just like you. Dogs have a high risk of getting heatstroke during hikes, and can often get sick if you give them a meal before or right after your hike. 

It is best to pack bottles of water for you and your dog to avoid drinking unsafe water around the park. Some ponds and puddles may have parasites that can harm your pets.

Remember to clean as you go

Another thing you should remember is to clean up after your dog. Remember that you are ultimately going on a hike in a public and protected nature park. You’ll need to respect the space since you will be sharing the area with fellow hikers and their pets.

Pick your dog’s waste and dispose of them properly in a designated trash bin. If there aren’t any trash cans available, you can opt to bury your dog’s waste 200 feet away from the trails. 

Have your pet essentials ready

Before going on a hike with your dog, make sure you pack all the necessary pet supplies. Dog food and treats, drinking water, waste bags, first aid kit, protective clothing, and a leash are a few of the things you’ll want to pack in your bag.

You’ll also want to pack light so you can carry all of your essentials and pet supplies during the hike. A key to staying comfortable is to go to your nearest camping store and find a hiking or camping backpack that you can use when hiking.


Stepping out, taking a breather, and hiking with your dog is a gratifying experience. You get to bond with your furry best friend while burning some calories. Make sure you remember these five tips and pack all the essentials with you on your next hiking trip. Now that you’re ready, put on your hiking footwear, and take your dog with you on a hike this weekend.

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