How to Pick the Right Archery Gear for You – Our Guide

man participating in archery

Archery, much like any other sport, is a rewarding activity that many people enjoy. However, it involves much more than merely picking up a bow and firing arrows at some random target. Ideally, you want to work with reliable archery equipment to give you the best experience possible. Fortunately for you, there is plenty of archery equipment to pick from, so you will not find it difficult to find the gear that’s perfect for your needs. 

That being said, the number of options available means that you need to take a few factors into consideration. If you want to grow better at archery, you need to carefully pick the right archery equipment. 

1. The bow

When you are picking a bow, you first need to know what type of bow you want. There are different kinds, such as compound and recurve bows. While both types are great for archery, they work quite differently from one another.

If you do not know what kind of bow would fit you the most, try to pay a visit to a local archery gear shop. You can ask the experts all the pros and cons of the different kinds of bows and even test them out to get a feel.

2. The arrows

As important as the bow is, it is going to be useless without arrows to shoot. While you might think that just any kind of arrow will work, the reality is that arrows come in different weights and flexibility that affect how they work. 

When looking for the type of arrows, you will want a delicate balance between flex, weight, and length to allow you to draw the arrow properly and fire accurately.

3. The extras

Now that you have your bow and arrows, it is time to look at the extras. While you certainly do not need them to start shooting arrows at a target, they will come extremely handy. For instance, a quiver can hold your arrows for you while an armguard protects your arm from grazing.

Note that the extras and accessories you opt for will depend entirely on your base setup. This means that if you use a recurve bow, you will use a finger tab to protect your hands. On the other hand, if you are working with a compound bow, you will want a mechanical release.

4. The customization

Now that you have all your essentials and accessories, it is time to customize and personalize! This can be anything from the color of your bow to the design of your quiver. Remember, even if you are a pro archer, you are not doing it right if you do not look awesome!


There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to purchasing quality archery gear. More often than not, the choice will depend on your preferences, and the things you need will be based on the bow and arrow you opt for.

For that reason, we highly recommend that you try out new bows and arrows at a local archery gear store to get a feel. If that is not possible, heading online to watch review videos can help you understand what you can expect when working with the equipment that interests you.

Once you get your hands on the gear you like, take the time to get used to it. You might fail to hit your target initially, but with enough practice, you will be hitting bullseyes in no time.

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