How to Take Proper Care for Your Telescope: A Guide

kid looking into a telescope

Telescopes are delicate instruments that need proper care and maintenance to keep them working at their peak performance at all times. They will pick up dust and dirt and their mirrors may need to be collimated or realigned over time, so you have to ensure that they work properly by providing it with exceptional care. 

To help you learn more about how to take proper care of your telescope, read the steps below.

Keep your telescope in a safe and dry place

Your telescope must be kept in a safe and dry place to prevent moisture and condensation from affecting your lenses that can ruin your viewing experience. To keep your instrument dry, you may buy a dew shield, shroud, or dew heater from a store that specializes in camping gear. These items also usually come with your telescope. Make sure to use them most especially when you are using your device in a damp environment, such as the seaside.

On the other hand, if your telescope gets wet or damp, make sure to let the water dry out by leaving it uncapped for a few hours. This way, you can prevent leaving water marks or streaks on the lenses or causing water droplets to oxidize the screws that could potentially cause damage in the long run.

Invest in cleaning equipment 

Every time you see dust particles on the lens of your telescope, the first thing that you might do is wipe the lens. However, by doing this, you might scratch its coating and surface area, causing a negative impact on its performance. 

Your telescope has sensitive lenses, and a simple wipe can cause damage if you are not careful. Because of this, it is best to purchase cleaning equipment that is specifically designed for your telescope from a reputable camping store. These include a camel-hair brush, compressed-air can, optical tissue, and lens-cleaning solution. All of these can remove smears and loose dust particles from your instrument.

Align the lenses of your telescope as needed

Telescope-alignment frequency plays a major role in the performance of your instrument. The alignment procedure varies for every kind of telescope. However, in general, refractor telescopes do not need alignment as they are aligned in the factory. 

If you own a reflector telescope, keep in mind that this requires more attention and constant re-adjustment, particularly its secondary mirror. This is especially true if you take out your telescope, transport it in your car, and need to pass by bumpy roads. 

To test the alignment of your telescope, try de-focusing on a star. Collimation is needed if you fail to see a concentric donut. 


Your telescope is an excellent device and worthwhile investment that allows you to observe celestial objects and explore the world of astronomy. It’s vital to give it the proper care and attention it needs and deserves to expand its lifespan and ensure that it works properly for a long time. Meanwhile, whether you are planning to buy a telescope or invest in cleaning equipment for your instrument, make sure to buy only from a reliable store.

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