Industry Secrets Behind Shopping for the Right Portable Chair

two people on camping folding chairs watching the sunset

When it comes to shopping for a portable folding chair, you’ll find no shortage of options online. However, what you need it for can help direct your decision towards the right seat. Whether you love to camp, enjoy the occasional weekend outdoors with your family, or are a big fan of barbecues, the right chair should be accessible, comfortable, and easy to use. When selecting the right outdoor chair, use these tips before you check out your online cart. 

Step 1 – Think About Where You’re Going

Different portable folding chairs will accommodate various activities. Think about what you’ll use it for most and where. 

1. The Beach

When shopping for a beach chair, height is of utmost importance. These calculations include those for the backrest and distance between you and the ground. Most beach chairs sit lower to the ground, allowing for ample leg space. 

Most beach seats will be manufactured with aluminum to avoid rusting. If you love having a beverage in hand—or your seat—consider a canopy-style chair with a cupholder. 

2. The Great Outdoors

Camping chairs can typically accommodate more features, especially if you aren’t trekking too far. Consider a recliner with a cupholder, storage pocket, build-in umbrella, or canopy. 

If you want to maximize utility, purchase one with a quad-fold style that can cater to additional storage. If you’re willing to go big on your purchase, buy a zero-gravity camping chair that reclines without ever touching the ground! 

The Kamp-Rite Chair has a detachable footrest that makes it a versatile addition to any camping trip. 

3. On a Trek

If you’re camping and hiking, you’ll want to avoid a chair with too many features. Opt for something ultra-light or packable such as a hunting chair with a carry strap. 

4. The Stadium

If you’re attending a sporting event with your family, why not opt for sideline benches? These chair styles accommodate four to six people, folding up like an accordion to create a bench. 

Some of these benches will come with padded cushions, cupholders, and even mobile phone holders. 

Step 2 – Consider Size and Weight Capacity

While foldable chairs are relatively light, they can take a toll if you have to carry them over a few miles. If you know you’ll be walking for an extended period, consider a seat with corded legs that can collapse into a smaller size. 

If you trek frequently, you may want to go even smaller with a tripod stool. Though lacking in comfort, these stools make up for portability and ease of use. 

1. Weight Capacity

Most youth chairs will accommodate between 150 and 225 pounds, while larger seats for adults can carry 225 to 500 pounds. While such capacity may not appear necessary, you never know how a child will behave—sometimes rambunctiously. 

2. Kid-Friendliness

Most options for children’s seats will come with a lock to avoid collapsing. Though smaller and lighter, you’ll want to make sure your child can carry a youth-friendly seat without struggling. 


Before venturing into the great outdoors or your local stadium and seaside, consider your options thoroughly. While appearances might be vital to you, functionality matters just as much when shopping for the right foldable chair. 

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