The Best Camping Chairs of 2020 – Our Guide

people camping at a beach

Camping chairs should provide comfort in the outdoors and should not be too complicated to set up. Most camping chairs you would see in the market do offer a balance in style, comfort, and functionality. With so many options available, how do you know that you’re choosing the right camping chair?

When picking which camping chair to buy, it’s also important to consider the portability. You also want to think about the specific type of camping chair you’ll need, depending on the environment you’re visiting. While these are some factors that can help you in your decision making, browsing every single item online can be a daunting task.

Here are some of the best and the finest outdoor chairs available in the market:

The Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair with Arm Rests

This folding chair is an amazing product that offers both comfort and portability. Bring it anywhere, whether it’s for camping, watching live sporting events, or simply hanging out with friends in the backyard. The Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair is also great for couples, which is an affordable and efficient solution if you’re looking for a portable chair.

The key features of the Double Folding Chair include its double-sized chair, providing a relaxing space for up to two persons, cup holders in each arm, lightweight, and a carry bag for protection. The Kamp-Rite is made from 600D polyester and a PVC coating, making it sturdy and durable than most outdoor chairs in the market.

The Kamp-Rite Padded Chair with Mesh Back

From the same brand, the Padded Chair gives a whole new meaning to comfort. While most camping chairs in the market offer armrest padding, the Padded Chair begs to differ. As the name suggests, this outdoor chair delivers a comfortable seating experience as the whole seat is padded.

Similar to the Double Folding Chair, the Padded Chair also has cup holders in each arm. It’s also a sturdy piece of equipment and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs., which is 50 lbs. more than the Double Folding Chair.

The Kamp-Rite Padded Chair’s notable feature is its mesh back, which makes the chair strong enough to support the user’s back when sitting. The mesh back provides more stability and comfort to the user. The Padded Chair is also portable, making it a perfect companion for those who love to relax outdoors.

The Hawk Blind Chair Stealth Tri-Stool

Compared to the first two, the Hawk Blind Chair Stealth Tri-stool provides the least features. It doesn’t have armrests, and the seat itself isn’t as wide as the previous ones. However, what the Tri-stool offers are affordability and portability. While it may not seem as durable as the Double Folding Chair or the Padded Chair, this little stool still packs a lot of endurance to sustain just about any weight.

The Stealth Tri-stool is perfect for large groups looking for a cross between comfort but is extremely affordable, allowing for more than one purchase without breaking the bank.


Those are our top picks for camping chairs in 2020. If you’re looking for an efficient but still portable seating solution, the Double Folding Chair is worth considering. For people who are looking for a heavy-duty camping seat, the Padded Chair may be the right choice for you. However, if you’re looking for the most affordable yet sturdy camping companion, the Tri-stool is a fantastic option to check out.

Whether it’s for camping, hunting, fishing, or sports, we’ve got it for you. Check out our catalog of camping gears today and see which product fits your needs!