Things to Remember When Cooking During a Camping Trip

portable stove at a camp

When it comes to planning a camping trip, listing your meals along with the camping gear you’re bringing is an essential part of your preparation. While some people might think that a few packs of trail mix, s’mores, and a hotdog on a stick are the only basic food you need, these will not satisfy your stomach in the long run!

Cooking in an open fire is a standard method that campers and hikers typically practice. Through this, they can make their meals while they’re away from the comforts of their home and spending the next few days in the forest or mountains. It’s a one of a kind experience that opens your eyes to appreciating your electric stoves and appliances in a different light!

If you’re planning a camping trip anytime soon, it’s integral to know how you’ll survive your adventure. Before anything else, make sure to bring along a portable stove, such as the Fyrechampion 3-In-1 Propane Stove, to ensure you can sustain your needs!

Keep reading below to find out some tips for successful campfire cooking.

Utilize the Correct Firewood 

The first thing you have to do when cooking outdoors is making sure you’re utilizing the proper fire. Avoid using fresh wood if you want to improve your chances of cooking your meals on time and making the most out of your day.

A simple campfire is made using dry wood to start the flame. Instead of scouting the wild in search of seasoned timber, if you’re heading to a public campsite, ask the people in charge if they provide readily available firewood. If not, it’s best to carry your own for assurance. 

Learn the Art of Patience 

Building a campfire isn’t all about witnessing wood go up in flames. Instead, fire made for cooking consists of hot coals and a couple of firewood. Usually, it takes about thirty to forty-five minutes to get a campfire running in a stable condition.

 That’s why it’s important to remain patient when you’re igniting your fire for cooking. You should start small and create a fire using some kindling and logs. Once the fire starts, let it burn for the next several minutes. You can throw in larger wood after a while to maintain the fire suitable enough for you to begin cooking.

Take Time to Pick a Spot 

It’s vital to know that just because you’re camping outdoors doesn’t mean you can pick any random spot you chance upon, especially if you’ll be building fire that could affect the environment. Ideally, you should create your campfire on top of a rock or mineral soil.

Check with your chosen campsite’s official if they offer fire pits that have been used by previous campers. If they do, you can set up your camp there to avoid making a mess elsewhere! Also, when you’re picking the right location, secure your fire from strong winds to prevent any accidents.

Cook the Right Camping Food 

Cooking outdoors limits you from whipping up all kinds of food you want. Take note that you shouldn’t think of bringing food containing extreme fat, such as steak and bacon, because they can lead to high flames. Food that needs to be fried and makes use of oil is discouraged. 

Just because you’re using a pan for cooking your outdoor meals doesn’t mean it’s always safe. It’s better to be cautious and choose the kinds of food that only need to be heated or require hot water to consume. If you really need to use a pan, opt to bring a Dutch oven for better protection and faster heat. 


Camping is always an exciting feat, especially if you have a profound love for the outdoors or have a passion for adventures. Before you embark on your upcoming trip, make a quick stop at the camping store to check if you have all your gear prepared! Since you’ll be cooking your meals outdoors, remember to take the precautionary measures listed above to ensure you don’t encounter issues. That way, you can have a memorable camping experience that’s one for the books!

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