Using Metal Detector During Your Camping Trip – Our Guide

Metal Detector - Using Metal Detector During Your Camping Trip - Our Guide

Discovering hidden or underground items in campgrounds can be quite thrilling, and there’s a chance that you might come across rare, valuable artifacts! Metal detectors provide opportunities for finding these novel items in a wide variety of places. 

A metal detector works by converting electrical current into a magnetic field. Sweeping the detector above a metal object creates an electric current inside the said object, which in turn causes a change in the magnetic field surrounding it. This change in the magnetic field is received by the detector, and it makes a buzzing noise to let you know that you’ve found something. 

Although they generally work in similar manners, three main types of metal detectors exist. The simplest type, VLF (very low frequency) detectors, can be used for all-around metal-detecting. They typically use a detecting frequency of less than 30 kHz. 

PI (pulse induction) detectors, however, use higher frequencies and can penetrate deeper in the ground. They’re not as commonly used, however. The last one is the FBS or full-band spectrum detectors, which uses different sets of frequencies at once. 

Whichever type it may be, using a metal detector requires you to read the manual, know how to use it properly, and learn how to maintain its parts to achieve your desired results. With that said, here is a simple guide to using metal detectors:


1 – Ask for help

As a first-timer, it is crucial not to skip reading the manual. It is integral to learning how to operate your metal detector properly, as each machine is designed differently. While the objectives remain the same, the sounds and signals may be different. 

If you’re having trouble following the manual, ask for assistance from where you purchased the metal detector, especially if you have no prior knowledge on how to use it. They should know more about the product than anyone else, so any questions in mind should be expressed then.


2 – Take time to explore your metal detector 

Do you remember the first time you’ve purchased your smartphone? It wasn’t easy at first, and you’ve spent the first few hours familiarizing yourself with the applications, settings, and touch buttons. The same applies to metal detectors. 

Sometimes, metal detectors aren’t easy to use. So, to use the machine effectively, you must practice using it. After all, if you give up after the first attempt, you will have wasted time and resources. Sound can be difficult to memorize, especially since each corresponds to different meanings. Through careful practice and some patience, you will be able to distinguish sounds the machine makes upon coming across nails, cans, coins, from gold rings and silverware. When you’ve mastered that, there will be no need to dig up unwanted items.


3 – Be patient

Practice helps you distinguish artifacts from valuable to invaluable. You can also practice finding the specific place of an object. From there, narrow down the area of search by moving your metal detector from side to side, and then forward and back until you learn the precise area of where an object is. This aspect would be easier if you opt for digital detectors. These modern devices have indicator screens that help users narrow down exact positions of artifacts, which saves them time and effort on digging.



Metal detectors are not your average devices—they need attention and an ample amount of time for learning. Before your camping trip, make sure that you’re ready to use your detector to avoid wasted time and energy. Camping already requires a decent amount of energy, so a treasure hunt will surely drain you if you’re unprepared. Use the quick tips above to make the most out of your camping and metal detector purchase! 

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