Why You Should Own an Inflatable Camping Tent

camping tent on grass lawn

Camping is a tradition that has evolved to become a widely known pastime. To most people, there is just something irreplaceable about abandoning their city lives for a few days to be in touch with the natural world around them. Getting out of the city brings a sense of clarity, wherein nobody is in a rush, and the lush scenery around is just absolutely breathtaking. 

Some campers invest thousands of dollars in camping gear, such as tools, supplies, and tents. For the most part, being in a tent is a fun feeling, as it removes the creature comforts for wilderness living. What sucks about the traditional tents is having to exert so much effort to put it up, and then take it down after the trip.

Fortunately for those who find tent building difficult, modern-day innovations have created what is called the inflatable tent, or the air tent. All it takes is a pump, and you are set for a unique camping experience with minimal effort. 

What are inflatable tents?

These modern designed tents are similar in design and structure to the standard camping tent, except the metal beams are replaced by inflated tubes and provide structural integrity. Traditional poles are made of metal or fiberglass and are often quite heavy and complicated to put up for most beginner campers. When dealing with the usual tent setup, poles can cause severe injury if not handled correctly. 

Why you should use an inflatable tent

Inflatable tents are perfect for beginner campers who want a tent that is easy to erect and take down, as well as being lightweight for easy carrying up hills and treks. They are also quickly set up, which makes them go up faster than a traditional tent, which means more time to relax and enjoy the scenery before night falls. They are available in different sizes, so whether or not you need a large tent for a whole family or a small one for just you and another person. The amount of energy saved from the weight reduction is tremendous as well, so you can have an easier hike up to a campsite. 

These tents are more stable than you think

Despite not having a strong shell that metal or fiberglass poles have, the tent is definitely not going to be pushed easily by wind provided that it is fastened and secured properly. Pegging them down and securing them with ropes is enough to keep them on the ground and as weather-resistant as your ordinary tent.  

Inflatable tents are extremely reliable

As novelty as air tents sound, the ones bought for true camping use are extremely durable and high-quality. They can take a beating from the environment just like any other tent can, and despite the notion that they puncture easily, this is normally untrue. The way to take care of the tent is to place it in an area away from sharp branches and other rocky surfaces. If taken care of and properly stored, inflatable tents can last for long periods of time. 

In the unlikely event that you do suffer a puncture while camping, the tents come with a repair kit that is very easy to use. For certain models, replacement poles can be purchased for larger, harder-to-fix punctures. 


Naturally, when camping, campsites are situated in higher altitudes that require a slight hike or in certain cases, treks that are for experienced individuals. The problem with a traditional tent is that they are often very heavy and can bog hikers down, along with long setup and takedown times. If you want to have a full, undisturbed camping experience, consider purchasing an inflatable tent for an easier time all-around. 

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