3 Beginner Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your Fishing Trip

fishing rod on a boat

Getting into a new hobby, such as fishing, is always an enjoyable experience. Fishing is a relaxing activity that helps you reconnect with nature, which might look easy to learn. However, it’s a craft that takes years to master. Your first fishing trip can significantly impact how well you can learn the ropes without fumbling one too many times. If you want to have a great learning experience, you should avoid making rookie mistakes on your first fishing trip.

Avoiding beginner mistakes in fishing

The beauty of fishing is that you can do it from a nearby lake or at one of the country’s prime fishing locations. Whether you’re planning a relaxing trip or heading into a busier area, you should always be wary of making beginner mistakes.

If you’re planning to go on a fishing trip, here are three newbie mistakes you should avoid:

1. Scheduling a fishing trip during harsh weather conditions

Going on a fishing trip will leave you exposed to the elements, just like camping or hiking. Because of this, you should time your trip with the appropriate weather conditions. Your scheduled fishing session will become a waste if there are drops in temperature, rough waters, or chances of lighting storms. However, keep in mind that windy conditions can be favorable for you since some species of fish tend to look for food at these times.

2. Bringing unusable and worn-out equipment

With any outdoor trip, you should always ensure that you have the right equipment and supplies. Avoid using old or worn fishing lines since they can tend to snap through wear and tear. If you’re using dull hooks, they might not latch onto your potential catch.

Besides using old and worn-out equipment, you should familiarize yourself with the right lure for the surrounding fish in your fishing spots. Match your baits with what they prefer in their natural habitat. You should consult with professional anglers on what fish are present in particular seasons.

Lastly, remember to wear the appropriate clothing to keep you warm and cool while fishing. Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit and other safety essentials, just like any outdoor trip.

3. Being impatient when reeling your catch

As a beginner, you can become easily surprised at the sensation of fish tugging at your fishing lines. Don’t become too overexcited with this since it can scare away your potential catch. You need to be patient and know the difference between a bump and a bite. If it’s a bite, you should wear them out first before you can reel them in.

A weak fishing knot or an improper reeling technique can cause the fish to run away with your bait, making you start all over again. After a failed attempt, you should double-check if you have any excess line. Reeling excess slack is a typical mistake that beginners often commit, so you should be extra conscious about it.


Even expert anglers can forget the simplest of mistakes. This is why you should start your fishing experience by committing as few of these as possible. With a capable mentor and the right fishing ear at your side, there’s a high chance that you will be successful on your first fishing trip.

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