Hiking 101: Beginner Hiking Tips and Tricks You Should Know

mountain hiker

Hiking is a popular activity for many people, from nature lovers to fitness enthusiasts. Besides burning some calories, you are spending hours around nature, giving you a sense of calm and clearing your mental space from the city’s noise. 

Hiking is an all-around activity for almost anyone. Depending on the difficulty of the hike, even kids can tag along. However, if you’re a hiking newbie and you’re not sure where to begin. Here are some hiking tips you need to know before putting on your hiking footwear:

Pick the right trail

If you’re a newbie hiker, it’s best to research the different trails you can try. A common mistake that new hikers make is assuming that most hike trails have the same terrain. Many forget that some routes can be challenging, which will ultimately give them an awful hiking experience.

Plan your hiking trip 

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect hiking trail for your trip, the next things you need to take note of are the weather and your hiking gear. Ideally, you want to make sure you know what time you’ll be hiking, how long it will take, and the weather conditions you need to be aware of. When you know this information, you will bring the right gear and wear the appropriate hiking footwear for your hike.  If you plan your hike correctly, you will always get the best hiking experience.

Take the best hiking partner

It’s best to go on a hike with someone, especially if it’s your first time. Find someone who can hike at the same pace as you. You can also hike with someone that you feel most comfortable with as you’ll be spending hours with them. Since you’ll be hiking on various terrain, it would be ideal to be with someone you have a rapport with.

Bring all the essentials

When you go on a hike, you’ll be in the middle of nature without access to stores. Ensure you have the necessary gear and essentials such as a first aid kit, sun protection, knife, repair kit, navigation tools, and a water jug. 

These essentials are vital because they can help you in inevitable hiking mishaps and situations. Should you get into an accident, make sure your first aid kit is readily available. Additionally, if you start to get lost, make sure you have the right navigation gear to get you out immediately.

Prioritize Nutrition

Newbie hikers tend to forget about their health. Before going on a hike, you need to make sure that your mind and body are in the right place. Ensure you are regularly eating and that you are in an adequate mental space to make rational decisions.

Going on a hike with severe medical conditions can put you and your partner at risk, causing accidents. Before going on a hike, it is best to visit your doctor to check if you are fit for this adventure.


If you’re ready to put on your hiking footwear, remember these tips and grab your hiking partner! Many hiking newbies forget to double-check the risks and things they need to bring to survive a hike and have a pleasurable experience. Hiking is a great way to detach from your daily routine and get the break that you deserve.

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