3 Measurements for Choosing the Right-Sized Hockey Jersey

hockey jersey

Buying hockey jerseys are a little more complicated than most realize. For players, the jersey should fit loosely since they have to fit protective gear under it. For fans, the jersey can be much tighter, fitting the body perfectly for aesthetic purposes. This is just one of the many factors you have to consider when picking a hockey jersey, and in this article, we are going to share just exactly what you must do to pick the perfectly sized jersey:

The width

The first aspect you need to look at when picking the right-sized jersey is the width of the chest. If you are a player, wear your protective equipment for an accurate measurement. This will ensure that the jersey will fit over all the equipment and not restrict you when you play. You can use a tailor tape measure to measure the full circumference of your chest with the equipment. If you just want a jersey, then buy a size similar to your other shirts.

If you do not have a tailor tape measure, grab a jersey that you know fits, lay it flat on the floor, and measure it from side to side. Double that number, and you have your chest measurement.

The length

The next measurement to be made after the width is the length, which is the top of the shoulder down to the hip. How far the jersey goes down is up to you if you just want to wear it. For example, if you want it to go below the hips, measure it as far as you want. Some ladies like to treat it like a dress, so those types of jerseys need to be super long. Of course, if you wanted the shirt shorter, then you can shorten the length.

If you are buying equipment to play, note that you will once again need to wear your equipment while measuring. However, you are not supposed to tuck in your jersey as a player. You should not tuck it in whatever you might use it for, as that might turn some heads for the wrong reasons.

The sleeves

The last part of the jersey is the sleeves. Some teams use a full-length sleeve while others only 3/4th the length. If you just want to wear one, the length will depend on your personal preference. Be sure to try them out first, as you never know which one you like most if you have not tried it before.


Put simply, as a player, your measurements will be restricted by the protective equipment, along with any requirements set by the team. This way, you will not look out of place when you are playing, and you can be sure that your game will not be hampered because of an ill-fitting jersey. 

If you’re just buying them for the look, the jersey will be mostly based on your personal preferences. While the design itself will be dependent on the team you support, the sizing will all be up to you. Take the time to try out different sizes to see which one you like, and make the necessary adjustments to make it fit perfectly.

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