How to Keep Your Campfire Safe for an Outdoor Adventure

camp fire

Camping is such an amazing adventure that it helps you feel relaxed and gets you closer to nature. But to ensure that you’ll make the most of your camping experience, you should always consider your safety, whether you’re in the middle of the woods or your backyard. A campfire can provide you with warmth and comfort while staying at the campsite, especially during cold weather.

Nevertheless, being knowledgeable on how you can make a safe campfire is necessary. In this article, we will share several essential tips that you need to know when making a campfire to maintain your safety:

Checking with local authorities

Before going to a campsite, you need to get the necessary information about the place. It would be great to know about the weather and the directions on how to get to the location. Also, ensure that you check with the local authorities if there are regulations and requirements when making a campfire. 

Considering the Fireplace Safety

Once you get to the campsite, you must first scout the area and choose the best space to build a fire. Some campsites already have structures made from cement or stone as they are built for the purpose of building a campfire. Similar to the previous point, ensure that you ask the authorities in the campsite where the designated areas to have the campfire are. Even if you have a good campfire, it will still not be ideal to use it if located in the areas too close to your tent. Likewise, make sure not to put them near big tanks and combustible materials, as they can easily ignite a wildfire!

Preparation of the Surroundings

As previously stated, safety must always be considered when setting up a campfire. Before you light it up, there should be plenty of water stocked and a shovel beside you. You’ll need them in case of an emergency. 

Keep the campsite around you clear, and remove and keep all flammable materials within a 6-10 ft. radius of the campfire. To allow your fire to burn for your desired time, you must make sure that your woodpile is stored upwind and do not leave the campfire unattended.

Extinguishing your fire

Learning how to extinguish a fire is just as important as making one. Water is still considered the best to use to extinguish your fire because it reduces the fire’s temperature to 50 °C (122 °F) and can put out the fire in just 10 minutes. Make sure to douse the coals until you see no more light glowing. Then, check the ashes by placing a green leaf on them. If the green leaf turns brown or curls, you know that the fire is still hot, and you still need to put water on it.


A campfire adds to a more meaningful camping experience. It keeps you warm, comfortable and feels better while spending your time on a site. However, it can be dangerous if you do not know how to make it safely and correctly. Before going to your next campsite destination, make sure to check first the rules and guidelines in the area. Also, do not forget to bring the necessary gears and tools to wear and bring for camping. 

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