3 Reasons to Own theVivitar 16 X 32 12.0 Megapixel DigiCam and Binoculars

Denver hunters know that October is approaching rapidly and if you’re an avid big game hunter, you’re looking forward to bagging an elk or deer to stock up for winter eating. Or maybe you’re going after some predators this year, or, all of the aforementioned. Hunters prepare in advance and savor the day they can use their rifles, as opposed to archers who have a 1-1/2 month or more leg up going after big game. And what hunter would dare be without binoculars? As a hunter, have you considered replacing those archaic binoculars with a set of Vivitar 16 X 32 12.0 megapixel DigiCam and binoculars? Take a look at these puppies for your 2016 hunting season.

  • Increase yourrange of view. Not every part of the Denver or Boulder, Colorado hunting areas provideyou with a clear shot. Forests can diminish your sight to 75 yards or less. That’s why the Vivitar 16 X 32 12.0 megapixel DigiCam and binocularscome in exceptionally handy. Not only will they allow you to see further through dense woods, but they will also permit you to take either 12 megapixel images or quality video of your prey. The worst case scenario (gulp) is that you’ll have digital proof of the one that got away. How many hunters can say that?
  • Recreational purposes. Nature provides some of the greatest scenery in Colorado, especially during the winter months in the Denver and Boulder areas. Think about it, how many times have you been hunting or trekking through the woods and saw some awesome scenery or sight through your binoculars and cursed the fact that you had no way of capturing the image? With the Vivitar 16 X 32 12.0 megapixel DigiCam and binoculars you never have to worry about that again!Get those great shots of other animals and scenery during your idle time.
  • Record your kill.Good hunters need binoculars and it isn’t always feasible to pack a digital camera or whip out your smartphone to take images or video of your kill. With theVivitar 16 X 32 12.0 megapixel DigiCam and binocularsfrom Outfitters Megashop, you are ready to capture those special moments as you bag your elk, mule deer or other prey.

There are many more reasons for owning the Vivitar 16 X 32 12.0 megapixel DigiCam and binocularsthat are specific to each hunter. With 16X magnification and a 32mm objective lens, the binoculars are excellent for your hunting or recreational needs. The Vivitar 16 X 32 12.0 megapixel DigiCam and binocularsfeatures a 2.0 color flip up LCD screen, a micro SD slot (up to 32GB), one-touch E-Z focus, soft rubber eye cups, adjustable barrels, and weather resistant rubberized grips. These awesome binocularscome with a 2.0 USB interface cable, neck strap and software to edit your videos and images. Looking to add some adventure to your hunting trips this year and next? Add these to your hunting needs now!