5 Benefits of the Igloo 125 Quart Bold Bronze Party Bar

Tailgating doesn’t get any better with this highly functional cooler. Whether you’re taking in a Denver Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche game, or perhaps travelling a little north to Boulder for a Colorado Buffaloes battle, you can’t go wrong with an awesome high-capacity cooler. Let’s take a look at five benefits of the Igloo 125 Quart Bold Bronze Party Bar.

  • Huge capacity. The Igloo 125 quart bold bronze party bar holds 191 (count ‘em) 12 ounce cans of your favorite adult beverages … well, other beverages as well. Heck, that’s enough for three men! Okay, all drinking … er, kidding aside, that amount will serve an entire party. Whether tailgating or hosting a backyard BBQ, your trips for more beverages are eliminated thus giving you more time to enjoy the festivities.
  • No lugging around. We’ve all experienced the hassle of toting a cooler full of ice and goodies around. And in Denver, that’s no fun in the mile high atmosphere. No worries. The Igloo 125 quart bold bronze party barfeatures heavy-duty and lockable caster wheels that allows you to take it darn near anywhere with less effort. Visit other tailgaters or move it around your party easily!
  • Long-lasting ice retention. Nothing is more frustrating than carrying around a cooler full of melting ice and water sloshing around. The Igloo 125 quart bold bronze party barfeaturesCool Riser technology which ensures your beverages and other goodies such as meat (yum, steaks!) and condiments remain cool for an extended period of time. Ice retention technology is tested by Igloo in 90 degree temperatures to determine how many days it takes for the ice to melt. Besides, who wants to drink a lukewarm beer or soda?
  • Sturdy design. This Igloo gem is not your run of the mill cooler. Unlike flimsy Styrofoam and cheap coolers at Denver and Boulder dollar stores, the Igloo 125 quart bold bronze party barweighs in at a hefty 38 pounds. And it measures a whopping 26.9 x 21.8 x 39.1 inches in length. While it may not be grizzly proof, it can take a beating by the best of Denver Bronco linebackers and hockey goons and last for years and years.
  • Added benefits. Igloo 125 quart bold bronze party bar is detachable from its base by using the heavy-duty sing-up side handles. It also features a bottle cap remover and handy catch bin for keeping Denver and Boulder clean. For quick and easy cleaning, this bronze Adonis of coolers features a threaded drain plug that is garden hose compatible. Sweet mother of brewskis, what could be simpler than that, aside from getting the kids to clean it up?!

Thirsty yet? We are! Igloo 125 quart bold bronze party bar is available from Outfittermegashop for delivery just in time for the party and sporting season. You’re sure to be the hit of Denver and Boulder area parties, tailgates and other functions when your bronze Adonis rolls up adorned with your favorite beverages and foods. What are you waiting for? Order it now.