3 Ways to Maintain Your Hunting Knife Properly

black and silver hunting knife

It is hunting season, and you are getting ready to go out for a good hunting session. One of the things you must do first is to check your hunting knife. It is one of the most important tools a hunter should have. 

From cutting ropes and carving up your kill, the hunter’s knife has many uses. For this reason, your hunting knife must be maintained. Not only is a sharper knife more effective at cutting things, but it is a lot safer to use, too!

Here are some ways to maintain your hunting knife:

1. Keep your knife oiled

As you know, a lubricated machine is one that works as efficiently as possible, and the same can be said about your knife. It will ensure that any mechanism your knife has can work without a fault and that the knife itself is free from rust. 

To keep your knife oiled, get an all-purpose oil and a piece of cloth. With it, pour a little bit of oil on the blade and spread it around thoroughly. If your hunting knife has a wooden handle, you can use special oil, such as linseed oil, or mink oil if it is made of leather instead. However, remember not to oil any rubber or synthetic handles. Doing so will only ruin it.

2. Clean your knife correctly

If there is anything you should always do with your knife, that is to clean it every time you use it. Even if you just take out the hunting knife to show off to your friends how cool-looking it is, you should clean it after. That is because your hands can leave dirt and oil on it, which can hurt the handle and blade. 

Clean your knife with soap and water. Avoid any hard cleaning substances, as this can degrade your knife. If you find that there are stains on it, mix in some vinegar and salt and rub away. When that is all done, dry it thoroughly with a cloth. 

3. Store your knife properly

After cleaning your knife, you must store it properly. So, look for storage that is dry and free from any other objects that can dent the knife.

If you are bringing the knife around, look for a sheath that is made from a material like nylon. It will keep the knife safe from banging and humidity. Also, if you are planning to store the knife for long-term, such as putting it away when the hunting season is over, have it wrapped with paper and a zip-lock bag. Place some desiccant in the bag as well to ensure that the air inside is perfectly dry. 


Keep your knife oiled, cleaned, and stored properly. By putting effort into all of this, the next time you unsheathe it for use, it will be in perfect condition, ready to carry out the task you intended for it to do effectively. Plus, walking around with a clean knife is a testament to being a seasoned hunter. 

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