How to Prepare Your Gear for an Upcoming Hunt

person wearing gray hoodie holding hunting rifle

We are living in an unpredictable time now when all activities, including hunting, are put in halt because of the current living conditions amid the pandemic. That one activity you are looking forward to doing is suddenly out of your reach. It can get a bit frustrating, we know! You may also encounter the same feeling while waiting for a particular hunting season to kick in.

Instead of brooding around, why not use this time to prepare your camping and hunting gear instead? Change that perspective and stay excited instead. Here is what you can do:

Create an inventory

Creating a complete gear list categorized per species is a helpful starting point. With a list in your hand, you can keep track of the existing hunting gears you have. It will prevent you from buying gears you already have or help you in identifying the gears you need to have or replaced. You can also mark all the items you need to repair or clean up.

We recommend segmenting the items per hunting season and per target species. This way, you will find packing for the next hunt easier. 

Identify your priorities

Now that you have your list, it is time to identify your priorities. Since the hunting season is approaching, what are the items you need to buy in advance? Some hunting gears, like boots, need a break-in period before your feet get accustomed to their comfort. You have to take these factors into consideration. You should also note of other gears that will require you to practice and be familiarized with. Listing them down will help you prepare better.

Do some cleaning and tuning

It is important to clean your firearms every after a hunt, but there is nothing wrong with cleaning them again this time. It must have been a long time since you last took your rifle out, so dust and dirt might have gathered on it again. Now is the best time for you to do a meticulous cleaning. 

Use this time that you are stuck at home to tune your hunting gear as well. Get new strings for your bow if necessary. Once all your items are ready for usage, you can safely practice your hunting skills as well—all as preparation for the exciting season ahead.

This step, however, is not only focused on your hunting tools and accessories. You should not forget about your clothes too. They may need some washing if they have been stored in your closet for too long. Know the right detergent to use for your water-repellent items to prevent any damages. Use a scent-free wash when cleaning your hunting clothes and keep them in plastic bags or containers after to protect it from any dirt and contamination. 

Don’t forget about conditioning your boots too. Boots in great condition are essential in any hunting adventure. Leather boots tend to try out easily, especially when stored inside a tightly closed location. Use a boot wax to maintain the safe leather condition of your boots. 


Make yourself productive during this waiting period. Get off your butt and start organizing to prepare yourself for the next hunting. Instead of wasting your time complaining about all the restrictions, take this time to dream about the next hunt you will have and get ready for when that time has come.  

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