4 Activities to Include in Your Next Family Camping Trip

family camping in the woods

Camping trips are always exciting for families. A camping adventure presents an opportunity to do all sorts of activities, from hiking to cooking up s’mores. It may also be one of those special moments where the family can enjoy each other’s company in a world that is so busy.

With that in mind, if you are planning a family camping trip, you might be pulling out hair trying to figure out what activities you can include. After all, you wouldn’t want people sitting around getting bored when the fun is supposed to be right in front of you. 

Fortunately for you, we have plenty of ideas you can try out during your family trip. Here are a few to get you inspired:

 1. Go hiking

 You’re on a camping trip out in the great outdoors, and the one thing you absolutely cannot forget is to go hiking. Spend some time researching nearby hiking trails, whether through the forest or over a mountain. If you find one near your camping site, you can begin your journey from the camping grounds. Otherwise, make sure the trail is within reasonable driving distance.

During the planning process, make sure that the hiking trail is not too challenging for your family. Remember, hiking is supposed to be a time when you enjoy nature together, not struggle to climb a mountain and give up due to sheer exhaustion.

 2. Play in the pool

If you’re going on a camping trip, it will likely happen during the summer when temperatures are much warmer. This is the best excuse to visit a nearby lake, river, or pool for a nice and refreshing swim.

You can plan many other activities along with the swim, such as a BBQ or a picnic. You can also enhance the entire activity by bringing along water balloons, water guns, and the like. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean up after yourselves!

 3. Pack a few board games

Camping is an excellent chance to whip out old and dusty board games to get the adults and kids together.  

Pick your family’s favorite games to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. If you don’t know which ones to pick, have your family make the choice! The more board games you bring along, the more fun you and your family will have. 

4. Float paper lanterns

There are plenty of activities you can do as a family, even when the sun dips below the horizon. For instance, you can sit around a campfire while sharing ghost stories and eating s’mores, or lie down on a mattress and look at the stars.

If you want to do something extremely memorable, purchase yourself some paper lanterns. That way, you and your family can light them up and watch them float away! You can use the opportunity to celebrate a family reunion or to remember loved ones who are no longer around.


There are so many things you can do outdoors during your family camping trips, from hikes to BBQs. There are also plenty of other sources out there that will give you more ideas.

That said, keep in mind that not all camping sites are the same. Some will offer activities that others don’t, such as fishing, rock climbing, and so on. Check out the activities each campsite has to offer and compare your options. We promise your family will appreciate all the fun they have throughout the trip.

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