Camping Tips: 4 Things You Should Bring on a Hunting Trip

person wearing gray hoodie holding hunting rifle

Preparation is at the core of every camping trip, so you should know what to bring, depending on your destination. Bringing the wrong gear can leave you unprepared to face the different obstacles of nature, from harsh weather conditions to the various animals of the wild.

Preparing for a hunting trip

Your camping gear depends on where your campsite will be and what activity you want to do. You shouldn’t bring a family tent around if you’re staying on the move while following a trail. Having the right equipment will prepare yourself for the different situations you may face while on a hunt.

If you’re heading to the wild for a hunt, here are four things you shouldn’t forget to bring:

Your hunting weapon and certifications

You should never forget to bring your weapon of choice. Some hunters prefer to pack a crossbow for silent captures or a long-range rifle to shoot at a distance. Your armament will depend on the type of game you’re hunting. If you’re new to hunting, you should always go through a firearm safety course before taking it out in the wild.

Most states will require you to have a Hunter Education Certificate by passing a hunter safety course. Besides getting a certification to hunt in the wild, you’ll also learn more about the safety guidelines on what to expect when hunting game.

The right hunting apparel

Wearing the right hunting apparel will warn other hunters that you’re around. Doing this avoids any accidents of shooting other people. Besides standing out for other campers, you should also wear high-quality boots to keep your feet dry and mobile while traversing different terrains. Hunting jacket will keep you warm and dry to prevent you from freezing, especially when you have to remain idle while waiting for your prey. Make sure to dress appropriately, depending on the weather conditions on the hunting grounds.

A loaded survival kit

You’ll encounter different weathering conditions in the wild, depending on when you plan your hunting trip. A survival kit should contain the essentials for your trip, while also including some weather and terrain-specific items.

Mylar heating blankets are vital, primarily if you’ll hunt in colder climates. Waterproof matches are a staple for any camping trip, together with a fire starter to help set up your campfire. A reliable compass, flashlights, and torches are handy when you’re traveling at night.

You should also bring wet wipes and alcohol to dress your wounds or wipe off the blood from carcasses. Don’t forget to pack emergency food rations and water purifying tablets if you encounter an emergency and have to stay longer in the wild.

A balanced hunting knife

A high-quality hunting knife is essential for every hunting trip. Besides using it for skinning game, you can use it for a wide variety of reasons from self-defense to building makeshift splints. Make sure to choose a model that feels balanced with your hand and wrists. Although you can go as wild as bringing a Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper (ATC), you should bring something more compact and lightweight.


Going on a hunt can be an exhilarating experience alone or with your family and friends. It’s an activity that can help you enjoy the beauty of nature while keeping you on your toes, exercising your survival instincts. Before you head in the wild, you should always bring the best gear for your needs.

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