5 Tips for a Great Boat Camping Trip

boats in a lagoon

Camping is an exciting activity to undertake every so often. Reconnecting with nature, enjoying bonfire-lit evenings, and cooking great meals is fun when done with friends and family. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on people in the city, escaping to nature seems even more tempting. With the risks of contracting the virus, nothing beats a breath of fresh air.  This reason is why many are turning to the mountains and lakes to get away from it all. 

Boat camping is a great way to escape, as the outdoors surrounded by nature is a great place to be during the pandemic. The best part about it is that you’ll have your boat, meaning following social distancing parameters is possible. There are plenty of places to go boat camping in the USA, so grab your camping gear and view these tips to have an unforgettable experience:

1. Choose the Right Location

Finding the right place to relieve yourself of your cabin fever is vital for a boat camping trip. Fortunately, if you know lesser-known areas you can access with your boat, like a large lake or a cove you can dock in and enjoy being with family, these are the best places to go. Common lakes and campgrounds will likely have large crowds, which means that the incidence of contracting COVID-19 will be high. 

Besides, who wants to share an area with other people when camping? 

2. Plan All Gear In Advance

Any camping or out of town trip means bringing all the things you need with you. Chances are, there won’t be any way to get something at home if anything is left behind. Prepare yourself by making a checklist for camping gear, water activities, and other essentials like medicines and toiletries. There are plenty of camping guides you can find online that show you the necessities you need to pack, so take a look at these before moving on with your trip. 

The last thing anyone wants is to leave behind something essential, such as maintenance meds or chargers. 

3. Make a Float Plan

As a standard item for anyone hitting the waters with a boat, you must devise a float plan and send this to someone who can file a report in case anything happens to you. This way, rescue teams can study your route and check potential places you may have been shipwrecked in or unable to escape. 

4. Consider How Many People are Coming

To comply with social distancing parameters, the ratio of people to the boat’s size must be appropriate. Too many people on a small boat are not just a COVID-19 hazard, but it also can cause problems when out in the water. Boats have a specified capacity, which includes all the camping gear and people riding in it. Keeping everyone safe should be a priority, and if it can’t fit everyone, it’s best to find another one to rent. 

5. Ensure Enough Food and Water for Everyone

Remember that camping gear must match the right amount of food and water for everyone attending. Some extremely remote areas may not have places to get food and water easily, so be sure to bring everything and plenty of extras. Snacks, water, sports drinks, and all the meals you plan to carry must be packed at a 3:1 ratio of food and drink to gear. It’s better to have more than to have just enough, as you can bring the extras home. 


Boat camping trips are a great way to get out of the city and have an excellent time reconnecting with nature and the environment. Being surrounded by water and enjoying the scenery are sure to give your body a much-needed recharge. With these five tips, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking boat camping trip while complying with social distance protocols. 

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