Wearing Softball Pants: Our Guide to the Best Fit

woman in softball pants

Looking for cozy but comfortable sporting clothes or hunting gear sometimes means you have to get a little resourceful. You want something that fits well, is flexible, but also gives you enough protection. If you’ve felt stuck at finding clothing that ticks all these boxes, then you should consider softball pants. 

Although many people think baseball pants and softball pants are the same, the latter tends to be more stylized than the former. They reduce wear and tear while also absorbing impact, which prevents you from incurring any injuries. They’re also moisture-wicking, so you won’t have to worry about staying dry and cool in sweltering weather. In this guide, we’ll be talking about finding the best fit for softball pants.

How Should I Wear Softball Pants?

The best and only way to wear your softball pants is with confidence. If you have full belief in your skills as a softball player, then you won’t have to worry about how you look in your gear. Even if you aren’t an experienced softball player and you’ve heard all about how comfortable it is, the only way to pull it off is to feel good while doing it. 

However, it helps to find a proper fit for your softball pants. Otherwise, it’s a surefire way to kill your confidence. By prioritizing comfort, protection, and flexibility, you’ll rock the best softball pants on the market. 

Should Softball Pants Be Tight?

Determining the right fit may take a while. In general, men prefer roomier, looser softball pants while women prefer a flexible, form-fitting pair. The fit affects performance, which is why slowpitch and fastpitch softball uniforms have different fitting pants. However, you may not be sure how tight they should be. 

If you’re an intense player, your pants should be snug enough never to bunch up or twist when you play. If you’re a casual player or simply appreciate the feel of wearing pants, then you can opt for a looser fit. However, if you’re looking for fastpitch softball pants, you’ll want a snug and tight fit that doesn’t suffocate your lower torso.

What If My Softball Pants Are Too Loose? 

Loose-fitting softball pants are incredibly popular in slowpitch softball. If you select a pair that’s too baggy or loose, then your performance may be negatively affected. You might also feel uncomfortable as they can interfere with your movement. Although you can roll up your pants or use athletic tape to fasten your pants into place, it will give you even more things to worry about, making you lose focus as you play.

The fit of your softball pants is incredibly essential, so you’ll want to make sure you buy the right size before you purchase. If they end up being too baggy, return them for a smaller size. However, your next best option is to bring them to a tailor if that isn’t an option. The best way to avoid any sizing mishaps, primarily when ordering online, is to check the website’s measurements against your own. That way, you’ll surely select the best-fitting pair for you!


Softball pants are remarkably comfortable, whether you’re on the pitch or lounging at home. They’re also an excellent alternative for outdoor or hunting gear if you don’t have any spares. Now that you know how to find the best fit for your softball pants, you’re one step closer to finding a pair that fits like a dream.

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