8 Must-Have Items in Your Hunting Day Backpack

fallow deer in the woods

Every hunter should have the necessities in their hunting day backpack down pat. While it’s easy and almost automatic to remember your rifles and shells when heading out into the bush, many hunters often overlook several important items that should be in a hunting pack, especially if they’re in a rush. 

Heading into hunting season prepared is the best way to stay safe and be at the top of your game without worrying about missing equipment or other essentials. That’s why readying a hunting backpack in advance is a must.

Keeping a list nearby allows you to prepare the basics and some extras for every hunting season that comes by. This is especially useful for any first-time hunters who are wondering what to pack. If you’re confused or need a refresher of the basics, then here are the essentials that you should have in your hunting day backpack:



Nobody should go out on an expedition in the woods without water, and it’s the most important item on this list. While you want to keep your backpack light, never sacrifice water for another item that you’re trying to fit. Your very survival depends on it, so make sure to have more than enough in your pack. 

If you need to save space, store your water in a backpack that houses a bladder for easier storage. 


First aid kit

Roughing it up in the woods all day will put you at risk for some kind of injury, whether that’s a scratch or a blister. A first aid kit should always be in your backpack to treat any wounds you may sustain and prevent bacterial infection. 

These kits don’t have to resemble a mobile sterile clinic; a few antibacterial creams and alcohols, bandaids or simple bandages, and your prescribed medications should do.



Hunting and hiking all day tend to get pretty tiring, and hunters will need plenty of energy to haul their game once the day is over. Go for high-calorie and high-protein options, like energy bars, mixed nuts, or jerky. These will keep your energy levels high and take up little space in your backpack. 


Game knife

Taking a strong, sharp blade when you go hunting is an absolute must. Gaming or dressing knives are mostly used for game, but these can also cut through other materials as necessary on the field.



This is the most compact way to bring a light source during your hunting trip, which is something you’ll be needing, especially when the dark has caught up with you. A headlamp is also handy when you’re dressing animals in the evening, as it can keep your hands free to keep you focused on the task at hand. 



Essential for spotting deer and other game from far away, a pair of binoculars is a must in your pack for a successful hunt.


Rain equipment

Getting soaked through is not only uncomfortable, but it’s potentially dangerous as well! To avoid any risks for hypothermia if you spend extended hours on the field, buy rain gear that will keep you safe and dry while preventing any moisture from messing up your season.


Gear rope

Having about 20-25 feet of thick nylon rope with you is a must for hauling your gear and other objects you may need to move out of the way. 



Knowing the essentials required for a hunting day will help you have the best hunting experience and keep you safe at the same time. Hunting is a serious sport that requires the right tools and supplies, so it’s best to prepare for your trips well in advance! 

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