Reasons You Should Never Ditch Wearing a Life Jacket

life jacket

Whether you’re going out on a boat in the lake, or you’re going to try some watersport, or if you simply want to float in the water, it’s always a good idea to wear a life jacket. The biggest job of life jackets is to keep you from drowning, which is a good enough reason for you to wear one at all times.

In the past, a life jacket’s design was fairly simple and was only made out of wood or corking. If you’ve seen period movies, such as the Titanic, you’re probably aware of how the first life jackets looked. However, it didn’t do a great job of keeping passenger’s heads out of the water because of its simple design.

Fast forward to the present, life jacket designs have significantly improved and have become less bulky and more functional, making it an ideal part of your camping gear packing list. Today, most life jacket designs are suitable for watersports and activities and can keep you safe for longer periods.

Although many are aware that life jackets can save your life in open water, many still opt to go without it. Just because there’s a life jacket in your boat or nearby doesn’t mean you’re safe enough. In this article, we’ll share with you essential reasons you should always wear your life jackets.

It can save your life

Recreational boating accidents are common reports that the U.S. Coast Guard receives every year. According to them, most drowning cases, trauma, cardiac arrest, hypothermia, and other accidents involve victims without life vests. 

Because of the rise of numbers and cases of deaths, it is imperative to protect yourself in open waters by using life jackets. 

Weather isn’t a factor

Just because it’s a beautiful day outside doesn’t mean you’ll be able to dodge all water accidents. However, you should know that water disasters don’t pick the season and timing of accidents. Most of the time, accidents happen due to human mistakes. 

Some common accidents are when the operator doesn’t pay attention to their route or is inexperienced with using the water vehicle. Other circumstances are machinery failure and excessive speeding. 

Doesn’t matter if you can swim

One of the most common reasons people opt not to use life jackets is because they can swim. When you overestimate your ability to swim and decide not to wear a life vest, you are putting yourself at a higher risk for injuries and fatal disasters. 

When you’re faced with a dangerous situation, chances are, fear will take over, making you more anxious and affecting your ability to swim well. In some unfortunate cases, people who have drowned were considered good swimmers but didn’t wear a life vest to protect them in the water.

It can keep your warm

Most life jackets today are designed to not only keep you afloat but to keep your body temperature warm while you’re out in the water. For example, if you have ski jackets in your camping gear, they’re the perfect floating device to help you stay warm while you’re waiting for your boat to pick you up from the water. 

Additionally, in some states, lake waters can take months before they reach warmer temperatures. This is why it’s crucial to have life jackets with you at all times to avoid hypothermia. 

It can flip your right side up

If, in any case, you get knocked out unconscious, and your face is in the water, you’ll be happy to know that life jackets are designed to turn you over to a face-up position. This will help you with your breathing while you stay unconscious in the water.


Just because you know how to swim or you’re in a safe water vessel doesn’t mean you should ditch wearing your life jacket. It’s important that when you go out on a trip, you include a life jacket in your camping gear to ensure that you protect yourself in open water. Now that you know why you should always wear your life vests, you can now enjoy water activities and watersports, knowing you’re safe and protected. 

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