5 Tips to Comfortably Camp during the Winter Season

Lady camping in woods

Many people believe that the only best time ever to go and explore the outdoors in summer. After all, the weather during this season is perfect, that any later and the weather is just way too cold. Fortunately, with some planning, even the winter season can be a great time to go out and have a camping adventure! 

If you are interested in how to comfortably camp outside during winter, here are five practical tips for you to consider:

1. Use cold-weather equipment 

The colder weather will usually be a lot harsher to your equipment, not to mention you. For this reason, it is always a good idea to invest in quality cold-weather equipment. This can mean sleeping bags rated for cold weather and sturdier tents to keep the outside elements out, among others. 

2. Avoid sub-zero temperatures

While the most extreme campers out there can camp at any temperature, average campers like you should avoid putting yourself in these situations. For instance, you should not be camping when temperatures are lower than 30 Fahrenheit (-1 Celsius) for safety reasons because the colder the weather, the riskier it becomes. Likewise, we only recommend camping when temperatures are above those numbers unless you have already collected plenty of experience and want to try it out yourself.

3. Choose the right location 

Remember that location plays a vital role in any cold-camping adventure. Some places may present freezing temperatures, while others, while still cold, are a lot warmer. For this reason, if you want to avoid the winter chills and camp somewhere that is always cool without waiting for winter to pass, be sure to research the places that can offer you this weather.

4. Pay attention to the wind

Did you know that the wind can make temperatures feel like they are ten times colder than it actually is? That and the wind can easily blow your tent away! With this in mind, always try your best to determine the wind’s direction before pitching your tent, and look for spots that will block this wind. This will ensure that you stay comfortable inside the tent and not freeze up or get tossed around in the process.

5. Layer up before sleeping 

You should always layer up before sleeping, whether on a mattress or a sleeping bag. This is because the cold can make sleeping uncomfortable, and you can even stand the risk of becoming too cold. A great way to layer up is to wear double socks, a few layers of clothes, and a jacket on top of it. While it might take time to get used to if you have never done this before, we guarantee that you will feel much more comfortable!


By thoroughly planning your winter campout adventure, this will ensure not only your safety when you finally head out but also that you will have a fun and exciting experience. That said, as you shop for new equipment, we highly recommend doing more research on what exactly you should be purchasing and what equipment fits well for the winter weather. 

For example, when it comes to sleeping bags, they will be rated with temperatures they work well with. Adding 10 degrees to those ratings will guarantee a comfortable sleeping bag, a trick that only experienced campers will tell you! With that, we wish you good luck and all the best in your outdoor winter camping. 

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