Planning to Hunt this Winter? 6 Tips to Help You Prepare

forest in winter

Hunters who want to experience their best hunting adventure know that they should do it during the winter season. Winter hunting may be cold, but it can give you the best environment to capture your prey. It gives you a leaf-free line of sight, and you have the snow to track animals’ blood trails and pawprints. Animals have less energy at this time, so you can track them easily as well.

However, the biggest struggle you can encounter is the weather itself, but there are many ways you can prepare for it. If you need some tips, here are six hunting tips to ensure your safety during winter hunting:

#1. Wear Layers

The freezing winter weather is your biggest challenge during this season, and proper clothing is imperative. Do not even think about hunting during this season without having the right gear on. Your outfit goal should be enough to keep you warm while waiting and free to move around while tracking an animal. 

The best way to keep yourself warm is to wear layers of clothing. Wear an insulating base layer, long underwear, and then a wool cover after. Then, top them all off with a camo parka and insulated coveralls. Do not forget to wear a hat and make sure to invest in quality gloves or mittens with flip open fingertips. Most importantly, make sure you wear warm footwear. 

#2. Check the Weather Regularly

It is not enough that you know the weather before heading out. As you go out hunting, you should monitor the changes in temperature as the day progresses. The cold season is known for its unpredictable and temperature surprises. The last thing you want is to get stuck somewhere out in the cold.

#3. Keep Moving

It is better to keep standing for a long time during this season than to sit in one area while waiting. You need to keep your blood flowing as much as possible. As you wait for your prey, you should regularly bend and flex your joints and muscles. These little exercises will let your body generate more heat and help you keep your focus on your hunting instead of the cold. 

#4. Make Sure to Test Your Equipment

Another challenge you need to face is the accuracy of your shots. The thick gloves and coats you are wearing may affect the way you target and shoot your prey. Before your hunting proper, make sure that you have practiced shooting while in full hunting gear. That way, you can adjust your shooting method accordingly. 

#5. Eat Snacks and Keep Yourself Hydrated

The more your body tries to keep itself warm, the more calories you burn. You need to replenish them to keep your body warm throughout the hunt. Make sure to pack high-energy yet easy snacks, so you have something to munch on while waiting. Having a hot thermos of your favorite drink can make the experience more enjoyable, too.

#6. Always Have a Plan

Consider all the possible scenarios whenever you are out for a hunt. Thinking of the worst things that can happen will help you prepare better. Before you go out on a cold hunting adventure, make sure to have the following:

  • A fully-charged phone
  • Extra food and water 
  • Emergency tools
  • Fire-starting items


Hunting in the winter is one of the most fun hunting experiences you can enjoy. The environment is different, and the weather gives you several hunting advantages. However, you and your body need to keep up with the freezing challenge. Make sure you come to the adventure fully equipped and ready.  

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