8 Camping Kitchen Equipment You Should Invest In


Camping is a fun and exciting time in the great outdoors, especially when you’re with a group. If it’s your first time to do this, you need to be prepared well for the trip. Aside from your camping gear, you also should invest in quality camping kitchen equipment because you wouldn’t want to go hungry or survive on instant foods. Even when you’re enjoying the outdoors, it is important that you still have delicious food by using the right equipment, especially if you’re going with children. 

In this article, we will share eight camping kitchen equipment you should invest in for your upcoming adventure: 


There are many camping stoves in the market, and this can make your search overwhelming. If you’re only starting out, go with a classic 2-burner propane stove. This type of stove is versatile, meaning that it can go anywhere. 


Where do you plan to store your beverage when out camping? If you want cool beverages, it is best to invest in a quality cooler. You can also get a fridge for your van during your journey to the campsite. When you have a cooler or a fridge, you will get cold beverages, but you will also get to ensure the freshness of your meals. 

Water Jug

Having a sufficient amount of water when going on a camping trip is crucial, which is why a water jug comes in handy. With this container, you get access to water easily, even when you’re cooking. At the same time, make sure you choose a high-quality one that can withstand the ruggedness of camping. 

Cast Iron Skillet

A solid cast iron skillet is a must because you can cook almost everything with it. You can use it over a campfire or stove. Moreover, it has a non-stick surface, which is excellent for heat retention, making it an excellent pan. Likewise, it’s best to choose one that has a lid so that you can trap heat inside. 

Dutch Oven

You probably didn’t think that you will need a Dutch oven until you’re at the campsite, and you have nowhere to steam or boil ingredients. You will need a tiny Dutch oven for your trip because you can use it to boil, steam, sauté, and even bake food. With that said, you get good meals even when you’re in the middle of the woods. On the other hand, if you’re new to camping, you might not find the need for it yet, but if you’re going to make it a regular thing, a dutch oven will definitely come in handy. 


You’re going to need a pair of quality gloves if you cook at camp. Get yourself a pair of heat-resistant gloves, so you don’t burn your fingers while you whip out delicious meals. This will also prevent any accidents or injuries as you trek around, which can be a huge hassle when you’re out on a camping trip. 

Knife and Cutting Board

Cooking during the outdoor trip will require you to slice steaks and chop vegetables, and to do these things, you will need a good quality knife and cutting board. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy based on the price because cheaper options usually have a low-quality knife and chopping board. 


When you’re done cooking, you will need tableware for eating. Invest in quality tableware designed for outdoor adventures to ensure that you get to enjoy the meals you’ve cooked while camping. 


Are you ready to go camping? Make sure that you have the right cooking equipment with you! This is primarily because you deserve to eat proper meals even when you’re living in a tent in the middle of the woods. The eight kitchen equipment mentioned above is those that you should invest in to make camping worthwhile. 

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